Development Log Week 102 - Starting profiles, info tools and alpha test round 2

This week, among many other things, Martin added starting profiles and Michi reduced the amount of materials that can be bought from NPCs. The reason: We want to make the second round of our closed alpha test way slower than the previous one, forcing players to trade! As always, find all the details below!

You can find the full issue of the development log here: link

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I’d like to get into the alpha test.

Is there still room on the tester list?

me too want but i think is just only for friends & family maybe next test is for us forum member who knows

@vic007rau is right. The tests are friends and family only right now, but i keep a list of forum members that are intetested and who we will invite first once the test gets bigger. I added you too @Drinthap!

Please add me also, I’m very intrigued by this concept. Thanks.

Here looking for an opportunity to test and help with a lot of feedback

@Scorus, @MACROSSBR I’ll let you know when the next test begins!

Thx, I will be around

Hi, I would like to test the game. Thx.

Would be glad to be put on the tester-list too…

@GameOn, @Gonzzz I’ll notifiy you when the next test starts!