Depot Demolition - Development Log #290

Fabian discusses new base management options including a complete demolition of your base, and Michi shares how we will all be coming together under a new Discord server for certain topics.

You can find the full issue of the development log here: link

Are the changes to demolishing and expanding bases coming in Wednesday’s maintenance patch or in a future update?

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Those two changes will not make it in the release tomorrow.

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@Counterpoint @molp

Maybe allow downgrading a base as well?
Reduce Area to 250 and receive a permit?

Also, will demolishing a CM return any items, if yes how will that work with a CMK?
I was thinking that demolishing a CM should not return any items besides the extras like MCG, INS, SEA, etc.
We could then put the CMK as an actual Unit Prefab into the UPF - giving that building a actual long term use!
The CMK can then be sold on the CX.
It can be trade already on LM, so why not go full circle?

Also for future universes/runs/game modes - Make default base size 250 area and have us upgrade by 250 area for 1 permit each? Could tie in with smaller starter ships (thinking 100m³/t or 250m³/t)

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The CMK is a special material in that case. It only allows to build your very first base. Imagine what would happen if we’d allow to build any base: We’d see a lot of fake signups, just to transfer the CMK to another account in order to either sell it or build another base. Right now the CMK can be sold and bought on the LM, but its use is limited. Only a player that hasn’t built a base yet can use it and therefore the cheating potential is very low. In one of the first alphas we had kits for every building and that has been very problematic :slight_smile:

Good idea, we’ll think about it!

We actually tried to exchange one on Montem, just to see if it could be done. The CMK shows up as a product that you can attempt to buy and sell in the LM commodity picker.

Surely a demolished CM’s resources, less degradation, should be refunded to your ship/WAR if you have them on planet, otherwise are lost?

Also, will expanded bases be able to refund those permits if they go back under 500 area?

Are you planning an intermediate step, say 300 extra area for 1 extra permit?

Yes, that is the plan. :slight_smile:

Yup, as long as you’re not using more than the non-expanded area, you can take it back again.

Right now we’re planning with 250 for 1 and 500 for 2 extra permits.

So what resources are returned from a CMK CM?
If resources are returne from a CMK CM, how will that prevent early universe abuse?

Good point. Maybe CMK’s go straight to 100% degraded.

You can’t demolish a base if it’s your HQ, which it has to be if it’s your only base.

Out of curiosity, do you have an idea of when that will be implanted? Trying to plan mid-long term bases and would be great to have an idea of when the extra space could be exploited!

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We hope to include it in the next maintenance release, which will be released early September.


Presumably we’ll be able to add only 1 permit and get an extra 250 area, correct? We don’t need to spend the full 2 just for a little extra space?

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That’s the plan, yes! :slight_smile: