Deep Space Infrastructure Recruiting

Our Mission Statement
Deep Space Infrastructure is a Corporation dedicated to building up the planets in the Far Rim. We plan on creating planets dedicated for easy and cheap refueling across the Rim, Tax Havens in the Far Rim and incredible benefits and rewards to those brave enough to explore the final frontier.

3Open to those Brave Enough to Explore the Final Frontier
We are open to all players willing to pioneer the Far Rim. We need Companies of all types to support this massive endeavor and most importantly investors willing to provide the funds required. Our current base of operations is in Verdant but we have no HQ yet. We plan on building up in the Core worlds before expanding to the Far Rim.

You can join the Corporation Discord or DM me for more details. Stay safe out their Commanders! o7

-Not_Trey CEO of Deep Space Infrastructure and Owner of Deep Space Development

Just a side note. With the engine buffs deep space will become more reachable in terms of “travel time”.