CXOS Suggestion: Sorting

I’m finding that managing all of my CX trades has become less manageable as the game progresses. I currently have 11 pages worth of CXOS, and by default it is sorted with the date that the orders were placed with no way to change it. Many orders from weeksago are buried deep down in this list.

I would recommend adding the ability to sort and filter the CXOS buffer, possibly by adding functionality for commands such as:

Sort by exchange:

Sort by material:

I would also like to see a filter added to all of the above buffers to filter buy/sell orders, similar to the one that already exists for local markets.

These QOL features would make it much easier to manage existing orders for people who are heavily involved in trading on the CX.


Personally I just want to see a filter for Filled, Placed and Partially filled. Mostly just so I see what orders are still open faster.

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I agree. This would make it much easier to manage orders.

Also, would be nice to have a log of completed orders after they have been deleted from CXOS.

If we could filter the CXOS by order status then we wouldn’t need a separate log for completed orders. In fact the ability to delete an old order could then be removed, since the main reason to do it is to avoid cluttering up the view of existing orders.

This combined with the endless-scrolling feature that was previewed would make life SO much easier when managing CX orders.

If the same filters could be applied to contracts as well that would be even better. And some more tools to manage source\destinations for contracts!