CXOS Accounting

For accounting purposes I’d like to request a feature that removes a CX order but changes the status of the CXOS to something like “Removed” rather than deleting it. This gives that line a static final state like filled which can be used for accurate accounting of transactions. It would be very difficult for any addon to capture a delete click on a partial fill and that data is just gone. Next piece is adding a unique identifier similar to contract id in order to match up snapshot to snapshot. Final piece would be adding an avg fill price to removed and also filled rather than just see your limit.

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CXOS should retain it’s functionality. You need to have a list of your currently active orders and nothing else.

There should be another buffer, CXHS or something, for historical orders that were canceled\filled. Because yes knowing historical accounting would be nice to have. Many of the common features in the real order entry and management systems of real world brokers are missing. Welcome to prun :wink:

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Viewing could easily be another feature. Looks like another post is already asking for filtering. My request is about adding new data sources for addons not viewing/congestion issues. Thanks for the input.

Update, resolved. the fio cxos pull does have all the view info on each trade. I can get what I need from there.