CX Warehouse Costs

Because there is an unlimited amount of warehouse space at CXes, and we have the ability to store store for free (using fake CX orders) could warehouse space at the CX be made free?

It’d mean we don’t have to keep using crazy CX orders to store goods which feels like a hacky solution.

Yes you can store for free, but managing that many orders once you get a lot of items is basically impossible. I think it’s current itteration is ideal - long-term storage for a few bulk items through sell orders. But the rest you gotta pay for.

Generally speaking I find it’s plus or minus about a 1% tax on the overall game GDP. It’s a bigger impact to combat inflation than most people realize.


I don’t think tedium is a good source of balance. You don’t really need to actively manage the orders if you need to price them high enough. This system is hacky as shit and not obvious to a new player. There are other in game ways to combat inflation. Plus if that 1% went to inflation that wlould actually be a pretty minor amount of extra inflation. If there needs to be a tax rate on stored items, it shouldn’t be applied universaly and goods on the CX should still take up space like cargo.

What I mean is, it doesn’t scale well. When you’re storing dozens of items in cx orders, you have to first find the item in CXOS, cancel it, move that quantity to your ship, then replace the order. It’s like 20 extra clicks.