Controlling Inflation

I have seen and heard that commodities are getting more expensive. But as one player put it: " it is inflation created by electronics". I agree with this player. I think there are two courses of action the devs should take:

  1. Make MMs go lower

  2. Create a central bank and have more control over inflation

If the devs do create a central bank they should do a mix of this:

I prefer the first option.

Which do you prefer? And what do you think?

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Central banks for every currency, or perhaps ways for large companies to influence policy of a faction to stimulate the production of certain commodities if those companies (players) find the costs of certain commodities rising. Seems like a complicated matter, though.

It is, the devs could create an automated bank that keeps inflation low.

I have also seen and heard that “commodities” are getting less expensive. I think you need to establish your premise it a much greater degree before concluding inflation is a problem.

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I don’t feel that inflation is a problem at all.

  • Consumables prices are well within acceptable limits
  • Prices are adjusting to a more sustainable price point given additional costs of refurbishments that PCG surge players are experiencing
  • Demand for consumables and construction materials is growing faster than supply
  • Most electronics money is re-invested in higher tier materials
  • New players are getting higher profits than the old-players would dream about when they were in the same stage

Everyone likes to harp on about there being more money in the game now that people have been selling high-end production to the market maker. Its true. There is more money in circulation per capita than when the game started. What these people fail to realise is that the GDP (not my corp, actual GDP) continues to grow at a rate that is likely much faster than the increase in available funds.

The simple fact is that higher tier products can, and frequently do, cost more than the funds with which each player started. Hell, I pay 30k per shipment on one of my routes. That alone is equal to the highest amount of funds given to a starter package. I need to pay that, on average, everyday.

Do you suppose that we should each have only the 30k with which we could have started? My cashflow is at least 1m per week. We need more funds in game to lubricate the gears of the economy.

Regardless of any argument that anyone makes, purchasing power is still greater than when the galaxy spawned.

Ultimately, the galaxy is in a state of deflation relative to the same time last year.