Contract Templates - Development Log #394

This week Michi ads two new loan contract templates and simplifies creating the existing custom contracts.

You can find the full issue of the development log here.

Is it feasible\should we expect multi-item contracts? It’s a huge pain point for shipbuilders, having to send 20 different contracts for every ship sale. Being able to save just one contract that has everything would be a huge QOL buff.


Multi item and “barter” (goods for goods) templates are both innovations that would help extend the economy. Hope to see them added along with the loan templates.

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Multiitem contracts would be good for buying multiple mats from a player for HQ upgrades or if they are leasing a base from you.
Bartering would be nice but it’s a bit more niche I feel.

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We are aware of the problems, but won’t include multi-item contracts in the Liquidity update.

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