Connected Screens

If this exists then I would love to know how to do it. If it doesn’t, well…I would like it to. I just started the game so I don’t have a lot of skin in the game but I feel like a couple things would really suck me in.

A way to connect screens/buffers/commands/etc…

* Example 1: Have a screen with the universe map, a system map, and system info. If I click on a system in the universe map, I would like it to auto populate the parameter for the system map and the system info

* Example 2: Select a commodity market and commodity and have all of the ads, price history, commodity data, system distance, etc... connect to those selections.

I think having this would increase the customizability of screen 10x. That paired with maybe a console api or some sort of scripting mechanic would take this game to the next level for me.


What you’re talking about is commonly seen in trading software. You “group” modules of the modular interface together so that when you select one trading pair\symbol, all of the modules of that group switch to displaying that information.

I’m reluctant to say you’re doing it wrong - but the more you experience the game, the more you’ll realize that workflow isn’t very important. Nor will you need to do that very often - it’s not the day-to-day management requirements, especially not once you’re running multiple bases.

It’s a viable idea - but more tricky to implement than you might think. Correctly integrating a grouping system is not easy - I’ve seen lots of software do it (IMO) wrong.