Concept Artworks

I think you might enjoy some of PU’s early concept artworks!

These were made by Maciej Rebisz to see what could be done with a modular ship design and a rather realistic look.


Oh man, i know its “only” a concept art but if its looks nearly as good it will be amazing.

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Great work! Are this spaceships for a specific faction or general?

Those are from the second round of concept artworks. The goal was to see how modular, down-to-earth spaceships could look and feel like. We had no special faction in mind for those.

Here is another concept artwork focusing on the mood and environment of PU. This was made and released for last year’s Asteroid Day and shows how a mining operation in PU looks like from an artists perspective.


It’s already been two weeks since we exhibited a new amazing work of concept art at the Games/Bavaria Vernissage. So I don’t want to keep you waiting any longer to see it as well:

It depicts how we imagine ground-based colonies to look like, a first for Prosperous Universe concept art.


Oh, I guess we forgot to post this concept artwork. It been created for this year’s asteroid day.