Company reliability rating unaffected by breached contract

I had two contracts with another player that I was buying some oxygen from. One of the contracts was fulfilled, but they failed to deliver on the other one. The time limit has passed and I chose to breach the contract rather than grant an extension. Another 1.5 days or so have passed since then, and the company’s reliability rating still shows as ‘A’.

The player in question has been playing for 7 months, so it’s easy to imagine that they’ve built up a solid rating through many contracts. Nonetheless I think (and people I’ve spoken to in global chat agree) that defaulting on even a single contract is a pretty big deal, so I was wondering if it’s intended that this rating hasn’t changed.

The contract shows “Status: breached”. Condition #1, provisioning, has status “violated”; #2, payment, is “fulfilled”; #3, pickup, is “pending”.

I already named the player in global chat, but I’m not sure it would be appropriate to do so here. Let me know if you need more details.

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Thanks for letting us know. I found a bug in the reliability rating that wouldn’t include breached contracts in some cases. The fix will be deployed with the next update.


Update to this: My partner who violated the contract still has a reliability rating of A. That’s fine, I assume the bug fix just isn’t retroactive. However, I’ve finally gotten a reliability rating, and it’s B, even though I’ve fulfilled every condition of every contract I’ve been party to.

Is there another bug? A leftover effect of the same bug? Did you have an extra minus sign somewhere that made the wrong party take a credit hit for a violated contract?

Edit to add: Technically I haven’t fulfilled “pick up 150 units of Oxygen”, but it depends on “provisioning of 150 units of Oxygen”, which is the condition that was violated.

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Maybe you’re on to something here! @martin or @molp will have to look into it soon, I’m not qualified to answer your question directly. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just wanted to post evidence so that if anyone asks why my reliability rating is low I can direct them here.

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Thanks for letting us know, we added a bug report to our issue tracker.

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