Company HQ Under Construction - Development Log #270

All around the galaxy company headquarters are being erected and Technician-tier spaceships are being engineered.

You can find the full issue of the development log here: link

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In your post there is a link, where it is stated, that early access starts on 3rd Feb but places are limited. Could you please explain a bit more about it? I have PRO licence, what does that mean for PRO licence customers? Or how do you filter the users? Thanks for the answer in advance.

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Hi Dimunz,

Take a much more in-depth look at the link (both the link itself and the context in which it was linked).


-Saganaki, ProsperousTurnip staff

Where is my email :thinking:

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Cool, the link looked like real… :laughing: :laughing:

With soft base caps on the way, can you comment if there are any plans to allow us to build vertically on a planet as well? For example, allowing us to upgrade the CM for a cost, and get more base area to work with. This doesn’t have to be cheap, but it would be a really great option to have if we want to expand our base of operations on a particular planet.


With tech level ships, maybe STL shipyard vs FTL shipyard could help a lot too

Something like mostly L-fabs + small amount of R-fabs vs the A-fabs we currently have (which is a bit too cheap tbh)

I don’t think the solution to players complaining about micromanaging their many bases is to restrict players from having many bases. I think it would be to make having many bases not as unbearable, but maybe less efficient somehow to discourage solo work without restricting players.


Recurring resupply contracts would be a big help here, outsource some of your consumables upkeep to other players.

Another note, I don’t think the experts system has been changed in a long, long time; perhaps playing around with global experts caps or something similar could make having too many bases inefficient without really restricting the gameplay of players who really want to try to go as wide as possible. Being able to move experts around would also be cool.

@Counterpoint is a review of all MM in all categories on the to-do list for the reset?
@rain9441 your favorite topic
Do we really need an SP sell MM ?
Do we really need Agriculture buy and sell MM?
Do we really need a MCG MM ? (I say yes, to allow early expansion, but it also means money gets deleted early on)
Do we need B-fab MM? (I say yes, to allow early expansion, but it also means money gets deleted early on)
Do we need DW, RAT and OVE MM ? (I say yes, to not starve early on, but it also means money gets deleted early on)
Why are only a few Electronic System with MM, why not all of them, do they need a MM ? (Maybe? It would encourage players to push into higher tiers, if its profitable)
Do we need a NA and C MM ? (No love for NA :sob:)
Do we need Fuel MM ? (I say yes, to not starve early on, but it also means money gets deleted early on)

I guess you see where I am going with this.
Doing this list it actually hit me… In the current universe NA is like a “waste” product (until recently).
Why not introduce more waste products or one general WST (Waste) product, every single production produces some Waste. The WST can then be sold to the MM for cash. (Don’t ask what they do with it)
Could even split it into different tiers of WST that have different value, encouraging players to tier up.
We would produce stuff we need and make money on the side.

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Technician ships… wheelbarrow much? I guess, some STL CX donkey makes sense now
Base cap … well depends what is the base cap, I honestly have issues if I am yet again artificially forced in the market with a precarious economic backbone.

Do we really need .* (buy|sell) MM\?

Depends on the universe really. If there are no habitable MCG H2O planets, then we need an H2O MM-sell. We also need an MM buy for NA because it is a byproduct that can’t otherwise be removed.

I can’t think of any reason why the game needs MMs other than that. The NA MM can be removed if we have the ability to trash materials.

Have you guys considered using soft limits on bases instead of the hard cap proposed above? While I like the mechanic and having more costs associated with expansion in general, a hard limit seems rather arbitrary. I would instead suggest a soft cap, in the form of a scaling item upkeep cost to your corporate HQ. Office supplies (OFF) seems like the ideal item for this. This upkeep can then be reduced by upgrading your HQ through the various fabs above.

Regarding the other points in the dev diary, I’m thrilled (along with everyone else I imagine) that STL ships are now a thing at TEC’s.

As for everyone discussing MM and whether it is needed, the answer is yes, it is very much needed. The market is not nearly as capable as we would like, and until then we need props to keep some markets running. I would even state MM should stay as a more permanent fixture in some form, since we need currency faucets in the game.

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Where does it say its a hardcap?
They have not specified soft or hard cap - it was hinted that it will be a softcap, with a ever increasing A-Fab cost.

I like metals so… I think we have an issue with your drastically reduced cargo holds and orbital CX and all.
But we will see. I guess all devs are farmers and we would need a metallurgist for metal market to see some love.

All metals will be impractical to move forever.

Whilst on the surface this may sound a little silly, I think it has a lot of potential. If the way that money enters into the market is through waste products being sold to the MM, inflation becomes intimately tied to overall production capacity. It also is accessible to all players rather than just the few capable of pushing into electronics.