Company Creation bugging out - can't even start the game

Hi! I went to make a company specializing in metallics after picking a planet and making a name, clicked on the early access disclaimer and went to create my corp and got a notification saying my company code was already taken. After going back to fill in a new code I went to create my company and couldn’t for some reason, so I went back and looked and my company name had been deleted. I filled in a name again and went to hit create again and found my company code had been deleted this time. I did this five or six times and it kept alternating on which name it would delete each time until I gave up.

Quite literally unplayable, and not even in the derogatory sense. This bug has actually prevented me from playing and I hope it gets fixed soon because the concept is fascinating.

I am currently working on fixing that bug. If your name is taken and you want to try a new one it is best to right click → refresh and try again with another name.

There is also an error message (‘invalid company name’ or something) for the company name that disappears every second time you reenter the field and therefore toggles between error and no error. even with the initial “invalid name” i could continue and my company seems to got created (Name is only chars and spaces, had that disappearing name one moment before).

Same for me. I cannot create a company name for starting the game. Every input (i tried >50 names, even random ones) is “Input invalid.” regardless of the name, the planet or the specialization. The “Input invalid.”-message appears indeed only every second time but the bigger problem is that the “Create” button remains inactive and disabled. So no chance to start the game.

We are working on the replacement for the current company creation screen. Did you try to refresh (right click → refresh) before trying another name?

Yes, after refreshing, the company selection starts from scratch (starting package, starting location etc.), but it is still not possible to create the company.

With the new company creation screen, it worked for me. Thank you!

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