Community spitballing

Some members of the community has been discussing the game and its current state over on the Unified Community Discord.

The discussion turned to the idea of Seasonal Servers and everyone had some idea to throw int othe mix and it seemed that members liked the idea behind it.
Here are some comments:

  • even if they dont want to change the current universe - maybe spin up a smaller one with changes and let us play on that as well
  • maybe one on a fixed reset cycle
  • I think the thing to think about there is fragmenting the playerbase
    into multiple servers
    I think its worth it tbh, just something to consider. Tons of players are likely only interested in checking the game out again if there is a reset
  • I think there could be something in between
    maybe reset but you keep your HQ level + ships and 1000t of goods
  • Honestly, I wouldn’t be against a multiple server solution–if they interacted a little bit. Spitballing, but there’s a secondary server that runs at increased speed and in a smaller universe (for 6 months). It’s “in the black” outside of the normal space. And some % of the goods (depending on how well you did at the end of the 6 months) comes back to the main game…somehow. I’m trying to think of some lore for it. “Impending supernova” or something of that nature.
  • maybe shipping goods between universes has a fixed but VERY high cost
  • I like the idea of the entire seasonal server becoming accessible by wormhole/stargate/jumpgate, and the season ends when the server builds the stargate/jumpgate .
  • maybe top X players in each leader board category get ECD on their permanent server company?
  • That works too. Maybe passive income from the “colony” based on performance that “season”?
  • the seasonal server is “game” within the permanent server.
    Run by the ECD to theorise on Scenarios - incase another major event happens again - Payout is ECD and every APEX company can join
  • Heck, I think people would get behind it if the “colony” just uses ECD as currency. And then you can use ECD on your main “base” for cosmetics.
    Could start with ECD being used to purchase resources from some shop.

If you want to read the whole discussion, here is the message link where it roughly started:


I have recently started playing Airlinesim, and it’s quite fun, especially since a server has just reset. This gives me the opportunity to start fresh and compete with other players. I believe introducing a similar concept in PU would be a good idea. However, the potential issue could be that some servers may be more popular than others, resulting in less activity on certain servers. Nevertheless, looking at the success of Airlinesim, I don’t think it would be a significant problem.

I agree that a sped-up and smaller universe would be beneficial since it would be available for a shorter period. Hence, speeding up the game would make sense.

In my opinion, it would be great to introduce a goal-oriented element, such as when a group or organization constructs a new stargate, which takes approximately 4 to 6 months to build. This adds an extra level of competition, and the group that builds the stargate could receive rewards such as free pro time, vouchers, badges, fancy ships, or titles.

However, I do not like the idea of allowing transfer of items or wealth from one server to another as it would create an unfair advantage for players who are already wealthy in another server.

One more reason why restarting the server would be nice is because all the planets you might want to set up a business are taken now.