Community Sourcing

Hey Community!

Some may know it, others don’t, or they have forgotten.
Some Backers have the option to introduce a new commodity.
One example is mushrooms from Rubicate.

I was wondering - if you had the chance to create a commodity, what would it be?
Share your ideas, explain what the commodity does and how it interacts with the existing system.

Post away!

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More REF recipes:

Tritium is currently use to make HE3 which is produced from Lithium which we now have in game.

It would go 3Li = (2HE3) or it can be converted back

with 3HE3 = 1H + 3Ti(or Li).

We have TS, but with Li being in the game it’s redundant.

Does that require electricity like H2O -> H + O (simple speak)

In reality ALO smelting also requires electricity.

I still like my eggs idea as an alternative to MTP -> MEA; EGG -> BRK (breakfast meal). Eggs would have two recipes using GRN or MAI and some H2O and NS in an IVP. Or maybe it is an engineering/scientist consumable instead of the basic RAT.

I’ll be honest, the market isn’t really big enough for a second recipe… but I love breakfast.