Community recipe brainstorming thread

From behind-the-scenes:

Sounds like a interesting idea, so why not try it out.

This thread is more a prequel thread to the main thread later, first to gauge interest, and also to get community feedback from ideas, as in the “main thread” recipes would be limited to one recipe per person.

Some (proposed)ground rules would be:

  1. One submission per person.
  2. Depending on the amount of submissions there would multiple polls
  3. Depending on the amount donated runner up recipes would be summited
  4. Dev involvement in recipe poll selection would be helpful to prevent backlash from submitting a recipe that the devs wouldn’t put into the game.

There would have to be a separate poll for “system naming” as the said person receiving the money would also become a galaxy supporter.

A dev simply hearting a recipe submitting would be the easiest way of gauging approval.

Esabab has agreed to use his perk if community and dev approval can be gained.

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Totally unlikely idea-but here goes:
Spice Weed (FRM, cannot be grown in faction space)
Melange (FP, Bonus luxury consumable. Increases SET efficiency by 3%, TEC by 6%, ENG by 9% and SCI by 12%-ie getting over 100%.)
Neither can be traded on CXs or faction LMs.

As(one) for my ideas to put forth would be:

Calcium Carbonate :Calcium carbonate - Wikipedia

Reason for commodity

Mainly to give Caliche Rock more uses as it is only used in two recipes and very sparingly. This would be a limestone alternative. As this would be more processed it would be more expensive to make then limestone, but as this version would be “purified” compared to simply mining limestone out of the ground.

Building: SME(the Calcium Carbonate would have to be baked out of the Caliche Rock)

10 LST + 1 C → 10 CAC(more efficient if you have actually limestone)
12 CLI + 1 C → 10 CAC(inefficient as you would need more raw material)
the process should be about 2hrs/recipe as most klins produce about 300t/day.

Weight should be around 1t(not light, but not heavy)

CAC(long-shot) could also be produced inefficiently at a IVP from Eggs

4 MTP → 1 CAC

CAC would be substituted where LST would be used in a recipe(or replaced).

Ideally I’d like LST itself to need more processing as in the real world it isn’t just used “as is”, but is smelted via klin down into a usable form.


To hop on the alternate uses for Caliche bandwagon, I would like to see an alternate recipe for MCG that uses Caliche Rock instead of Limestone. Caliche can be used to make concrete in real life, so it makes sense as a construction material. This would also make Nova Honshu a much more viable starter planet.

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I really like the idea of illegal goods, it would also be interesting to have different factions have different laws and goods. I’m not sure illegal goods will be an option until the tariffs and full faction voting updates from the roadmap.

I’d also be interested in seeing some illegal ship parts attached to this for smuggling such as engines that are worse but mean you can ‘hide’ from authorities or stealth plating. Feel like my suggestion is beyond the scope of the OP tho.

Edit: by different laws I mean [x] is legal to use in 1 region but not another.

POL (1MG+3BOR=150 or 100 PG time +/-12hrs )

Big fan of the idea for alternatives for limestone. It could also be processed at the BMP, so you can’t produce everything at the smelter that’s used for constructing BSEs and BBH. By consolidating everything into one resource (CAC) you can keep the number of alternative recipes down for finished goods.

As for an actual suggestion, I have an old idea that can be added in here.

Thermal control units (TCU), produced in the small components assembly (SCA) are used to make carbon much more crop efficient at the incinerator (INC). 1 SCA produces enough TCUs for 30 incinerators and requires input from the medalist studio (FS) and cleanroom (CLR).

New recipes and goods:
INC: 1 TCU + 2 MAI + 2 GRN + 4 HCP → 8 C (18 hours)
SCA: 3 SEN + 10 BCO + 30 SWF → 30 TCU (12 hours)

This new incinerator recipe produces C at a slightly lower rate than the maximum burn recipe, so that can still end up being the best way to produce C if the price gets high enough. However in the vast majority of cases, this becomes the ideal C recipe, with a fair bit of wiggle room for what price the TCU can be sold at. This recipe creates a clear reason to go into electronics production and requires technicians to be produced, as there is always preexisting demand for the product.

PS: I know it’s a bit silly that the electronic parts don’t match up with the output. Unfortunately all electronic parts are far too expensive to create a disposable TCU as I’m trying to make here.

Consolidation FS recipe
10 Metal/Ore/Mineral = 10 Consolidated Metal/Ore/Mineral (1hrs 100% eff)

Deconsolidation FS recipe
10 Consolidated Metal/Ore/Mineral = 10 Metal/Ore/Mineral (1hrs 100% eff)


  • 50% of the original weight
  • cannot be used in recipes except of Deconsolidation


  • Invest Time for higher number metal/ores/minerals shipped
  • Requires FS to consolidate/deconsolidate
  • Cannot be instantly used on new planets due to lack of settlers
  • Can be traded on CX if Consolidation section is added