Community Awards - November

Welcome to the Community Awards (November) nomination period.

About the PrUn Community Awards

The PrUn Community Awards occur on a monthly basis. They are designed to allow the community to recognise those players who have made an impact, positive or negative, on the game or community.

The awards are coordinated by the following players

  • Prdgi

Duration of the Nomination and Voting periods.

The nomination period shall run for the duration of the calendar month. Expect variance of up to 1 day due to time zones.

The voting period shall run for 7 days from creation of the polls.

Nomination process

Nominations must occur in this thread to be considered valid.

Nominations must contain the following details:

  • The name of the player being nominated
  • The award/s for which the player is being nominated
  • The reason for nomination

Polls will link back to the nomination so that voters can make informed decisions. It is important that you “sell” the nominee as worthy of the prize.

Nomination Guidelines

  • Unless specified by an award, players may not nominate themselves for any award.
  • Generic nominations ( “I nominate them for all the awards…”) will not be accepted.
  • Nominations for any awards coordinators for any award will not be accepted.

Prize Sponsorship

Players may pledge funds towards any existing award by contacting the a member of the coordinating team.

Players may establish additional awards by contacting a member of the coordinating team. Those wishing to establish an award should be willing to provide financial or material sponsorship for the award.

Prize Types

Prizes may consist of a combination of

  • Financial
  • Material
  • Bragging Rights

Prize Claiming

In order to claim financial or material prizes, the winner must be able to utilize the Local Market mechanic. This means that a player must have a PRO license in order to claim a financial or material prize.

Types of Awards

Awards may be “Community Choice” where public nominations are accepted and the winner is chosen via a community poll.

Awards may be “Coordinator’s Choice” where public nominations are accepted and the winner is chosen by the coordinating team.

Awards may be “Discretionary” where the coordinating team select a winner. Public nominations are not accepted for this type of award.

Awards may be “once-off” or “recurrent”.

Here are this month’s awards

PrUn’s Player of the Month (November, 2020)

Did someone do something noteworthy or notorious? Who was the most influential this month?


  1. Financial: 200k ICA, 200k NCC, 200k CIS

Donor Transparency

  1. Prdgi: 50k ICA, 50k NCC, 50k CIS
  2. Slomes: 50k ICA, 50k NCC, 50k CIS
  3. Catfiz: 50k ICA, 50k NCC, 50k CIS
  4. Name_Dunno: 50k ICA, 50k NCC, 50k CIS

Prdgi Prize for Community (November, 2020)

Has someone done something great for our community? Is there someone who always helps the newbies?


  1. Financial: 100k ICA, 100k NCC, 350k CIS

Donor Transparency

  1. Prdgi: 50k ICA, 50k NCC, 50k CIS
  2. Molp: 250k CIS
  3. Name_Dunno: 50k ICA, 50k NCC, 50k CIS

Robbin’ da Hood (November, 2020)

The pirate prince, Dirk_Diggler, takes wealth from the wealthy and moves it over to the not-so-wealthy. If you know someone that is not-so-wealthy who would like to be wealthy, let the pirate prince know!


  1. Nominated company must be less than 200 days old at time of nomination


  1. Financial: 50k ICA, 50k NCC, 50k CIS
  2. Material: 100 NA, 100 CL
  3. Bragging Rights: Being slightly less poor

Donor Transparency

  1. All prizes provided by now-slightly-less-wealthy players via Dirk_Diggler

Catfizzing in the Grave (November, 2020)

The fizzy cat sees the galaxy. The fizzy cat spins in his grave.


  1. Candidate age must not exceed 5 months
  2. Candidates must have a minimum B rating on each of Activity, Reliability, and Stability
  3. Candidate must gain more than 20 votes, else the award will rollover to December

Special Criteria

  1. Dirk_Diggler has been pre-nominated by the donor
  2. Dirk_Diggler may not claim any prize


  1. Financial: 1 million ICA

Donor Transparency

  1. Catfiz: 1 million ICA.

November Nominations

PrUn’s Player of the Month (November, 2020)

Prdgi Prize for Community (November, 2020)

Robbin’ da Hood (November, 2020)

Catfizzing in the Grave (November, 2020)

I’d like to suggest a permanent category of Governor of the Month. I’ll see if I can cough up any money for this nearer the time, maybe they can have some Rfabs of there choice or something

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Perhaps Player of the month is a super-category: the most votes from Community/Govenor/new player…?

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I suggest @Saganaki and @Kovus (and all other authors) for the creation of the Prosperous Turnip!

I can help out with 250k CIS with this price.


Or reward them with The Prosperous Turnip being a daily consumable item read by the masses…


Only for the sufficiently educated :smiley:

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Prdgi Prize for Community (November, 2020)

I will nominate @bobemor here, always out there helping newbros in many channels and all around nice dude!


I vote Saganaki for Player of month and Prdgi Prize. He made most awesome Tool!!!


I just wanna say that I love Prosperous Turnip


Here’s my nomination…

  • Thabichi
  • Catfizzin in the Grave
  • He’s catfiz’s new best friend and a pretty swell fella.

I’d like to nominate @Mooncrest for Robbin’ Da Hood. I’ll admit i’ve had very limited interactions with this player who i believe is new. They’ve mainly been regarding shipping. But they’re really polite, friendly, and through. Seems as good a reason to nominate anyone :smile:

I would also like to suggest that just as some deplorables have won Time Person of the Year, I see Player of the Month as more a badge of relevancy and impact, even if negative. In this regard I would like to nominate both CUOP (Prdgi if it has to be a specific villian) and ICUOA (They can nominate a specific individual if this is required)

Spoiler for bad Time Person's of the Year winners

Hitler, Trump, Nixon, to name 3.

I’ll cough up money for governor of the month next month

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I would like to suggest 2 names -

  1. taiyi
  2. pilboy314

What they did?
Monitor chat and tried to help the new players and grow the community. After seeing global chat they tried to pitch in and help and also tried to give licenses to new players. (I got one from them.)
This ensures we have a bigger community and new players who continue playing and contributing and this game needs loads of them. note: I posted this without seeking permission from them -:frowning:

Anyone looking for an agent to make a sales pitch for them for the prize - I can volunteer my services. 20% commission. bhuhahaha!

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I’ll update the nominations when I get home and on pc.

As a curator of the awards, I will not be accepting any nominations for myself. I’d like to reduce the potential for bias during the awards process.

I feel we have the same understanding of the purpose of the “player of the month” award. It is supposed to model Time’s person of the year.

Should we keep the “player of the month” focussed on individuals and introduce a “defining moment of the month” or “group of the month” award?

Time allows for groups and even abstract concepts, “you”. Should this also be allowed in our “player of the month” award?

I nominate PiBoy314 for Robbin’ da Hood. He’s a good player, meets the requirements and I’m sure would like to be less poor.

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Ultimately the prize money has to have one person to go to. Since you won’t be CUOP’s leader then they either need to provide another leader or I guess they can’t win. Same would go for ICUOA.

I nominate PiBoy314 for Catfizzing in the Grave. He meets all the requirements, and is deserving of the generous prize as he has been nominated by another for the Community prize. He looks out for newer players and has reluctantly stood for Katoa Governor not out of ego or desire for profit (there isn’t any :wink: ) but to ensure it’s competently looked after.


@McCowen I accept the nomination of PiBoy314 for Catfizzing in the Grave. Unfortunately, it appears that posts older than 30 days cannot be edited so I can’t put it in the official listing.

@molp Is it possible to get this limit raised a little?

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I raised the limit, pls try again.