Commands Not Working At All

Have just started playing and whenever I enter a command, it doesn’t matter what command I get ‘illegal command’ - If I enter TRA irt reverts to ADM and gives me illegal command of course. If I enter TRAN it works!!! Even though it shouldn’t

Need some help here

Hi there, I suspect you are experiencing a situation like this:


You just typed tra and the autocompletion list shows a few commands which contain the string tra in their ticker or description. In this example ADM, the first entry, is highlighted and thus if you press enter it will this entry. If you click on the last entry with the mouse it will work as expected.

This is sub-optimal and the command TRA should be the first suggestion. I’ll add a ticket for that.

That does happen but thats not my main problem - the main problem is that for me no commands work at all. Not from the list of commands or by typing in a correct command - from the list they are all greyed out and when I click nothing happens - they behave like text not links and from a new buffer I get illegal command whatever I type in. This obviously makes the game unplayable for me. Obviously no one else is having this problem so please help me with this problem. I have purchased the pro licence - the only thing I can think of is that when I registered my account the code you sent me in an email didn’t work, but I was able to sign in anyway - is there something wrong with my account - the screen says I have a pro licence and other things work but this problem makes the game completely unplayable

If I am not mistaken you talked to another team member and some players about the problem in the meantime. I am going to add a few sentences anyway.

The most important property of commands to note is that they can have (or must have) arguments. For example PLI shows a simple search box for planets. PLI XK-745c shows the planet information for one specific planet. While there are commands that can be used with and without arguments it is not a fixed rule that every command works like this.

By the way, you don’t have to manually type in every command you want to use. Almost all content of the game is available by clicking links and context buttons in the existing commands. Buffers with commands can be added permanently to the screens.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, there is a chapter about commands in the handbook.