COM Global difficult to use

Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% thrilled about the influx of new players … but COM Global is now rather difficult to use for conversations / responses that can happen over the course of hours during otherwise slow times. Yes, the heated conversations will have the same effect, but that’s active participation.

Overnight, checking to see if anyone has questions or the context of what is the current topic / thoughts, its closer to:

The joined messages can completely drown out other things - questions and discussions can get lost in what amounts to unintentional, unignorable status messages.

While one or two is interesting with planet chat and new people saying “hi” and given context to when they started, in global it discourages answering questions that are more than a few lines above the bottom since the effort of scolling up there to see what is going on also means that the person you reply to may have to scroll up through many join messages to see if someone responded.

Yes, there would be the same thing if it was active chat too (and possibly more) … but that is more likely to be scrolled through to see the “what is going on”.

Suggestion: Join and leave messages should auto collapse into a single line when consecutive allowing for a mouse over event to show them all. Status events separated by player chat would not collapse into the same summary.

12:23        | 8 channel status events
12:24 shagie | Hello new people!
12:25        | 2 channel status events

Mouse over of the first one would then show

Alice, Bob, Charlie, David, Eva, Floyd joined.
Eva, Harry left.

Indeed, i agree they should be a user selectable choice like the disable delete

In fast moving chats its not helpful at all, where as on a backwoods ball of rock that gets 1 new player a month its not an issues hence the use for toggle.

I had asked for this option in PMMG, but as shagie pointed out it would be better placed in base game for all.
Here is the image i used, and like the one shagie posted its full of the “joined”