Changing Company Code to 2 or 1 Letter

A one or two letter company code is currently one of the rewards for early access tiers - but there doesn’t seem to be a way to change the code (or your company name) to a new one without a COLIQ. Is that really intentional?

It’s kind of a big disincentive…

I can’t be sure about this, but it seems likely that the devs just change the company code manually for people who buy support tiers. That probably takes them less time than creating and testing the UI to allow you to do it directly. After all, it can only happen a maximum of 702 times before the possible codes are all taken.

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This is what I figured but I’ll wait for that to be confirmed, not really in a hurry. If it only happens at final launch or something that’s not too great.

Also though, everyone should probably be able to change company name and ticker later on too. The FAQ says this is possible with COLIQ but a new person has no idea what that implies and might be a little surprised when they find out this is how you do a name change.

COLIQ or universe reset - no manual change


That would be a deal breaker on the higher early access tiers, hmm.

Even if waiting for that was fine, at next reset there would be a “landrush” to get what you want, so there isn’t even a guarantee of getting something specific. (Edit: Well I guess that’ll happen anyway later on…) I realize it’s not the world’s largest problem in the grand scope of things, but oh well.

Maybe if resets were frequent it would help but I get the impression they aren’t.

A landrush for what? One or two letter codes? They are rare cause not everyone has those supporter levels. youll find the code you are happy with.

Only a few such codes would be applicable to the company name you choose, so a conflict seems possible. It depends on how much time passes between now and final release, and how many additional sign ups there are.

You are right, I am afraid. Right now we cannot change the company codes. We do have a ticket in the tracker though to enable this and it is planned for the next major release.

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Well that’s the best we can ask for then, cool.