Changes to the current universe map? Share your ideas!

Several instances of this i wish would get tidied up.
Also, MU NAV always starts with a little zoom in, i wish i could set the scale, location, angle to show a piece of space i wanted and then have it zoom to that same place instead of resetting every time.

Add Jump link between CH and FW, and between FW and UP, to give Benten Region (esp Ben NE Arm) easier access to Huber Region.

More generally, add connections between any pair of adjacent Hextors where you currently “can’t get there from here” (ie, RV-YV).

In terms of Resource Adjustments, I’d like to see more Ice in the Galaxy. Partly because it’s “realistic”, and partly because they’d be good for HYFs. In Prior Universe, there was a nice Iceball 6-7 jumps North of Montem which didn’t require INS; haven’t seen anything like that in this Galaxy. There’s lotsa water/ice/steam in RL Universe, because the elemental ingredients are plentiful and it’s a stable molecule. IMO, there should be more planets with Temp between -25 and 0 C, with mineable Ice. (And making Coffee cheaper would be nice for newer players, who need all the help they can get!)

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Rename the current LG and LA sector (and planets) into one name.
Thats how it looks in freecluster
and thus it looks ingame
You may rename it (if not available) to the DO sector :slight_smile: or if you dont like that name everything LA.

Unbiased I would also suggest to add more sectors around the new DO (I see in the ingame map like 5 free faces and only one is occupied by XS sector). I dont have that sheet anymore but one or two of currently available materials are missing in the area (gold ?) - Dont remember. If someone else remembers, let us know. That could be added somewhere around.

Talking about the ideas etc. mentioned above.
I like the idea of limited faction permits!! Could that be easy implemented ?
And for all the jumgate discussion.
I do have a fast ship. It does 160 parsec in less then 24h.
If jumpgates come I would prefer them as fixed system thing like a station. They should open a dialogue for the player to choose any other active jumpgate. (Yes, like stargate franchise) Of course this could require (as shipyard screen) to input some materials and/or a special drive. And those materials/ drives could depend on new materials or the available JUI (I mean why not something that uses RAM,ROM, Electronics to make a flux compensator whatever that burns with each jump).
Another option would be to have the jumpgate as the only option to enter/exit a region of the universe (the middle) to do (I have no idea but maybe introduce more reputation points) ?
Thats all for the current changes


Maybe after any map update all ships would require a new “Spatial Navigation Map” and/or Navigation module :wave:

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As you claim realism “in everything from economy to spac travel”, I recommend to exchange FTL for NLS: Near-Light-Speed.

After a long absence, I checked in to see what was going on. Much of my main concerns about colonization have been covered by @SomeKnight. We need clusters of useful planets together for them to be colonization targets, not lone planets with good deposits. These also need to form links in hubs extending outwards from the core ring. We only had two hubs worth colonizing in this universe; Hubur and Arclight. Hubur is too far away from the core to be a good option and lacks nearby hubs to trade with instead.

Here’s an example map of what I’d like to see with hubs expanding outwards from the core in colonization cycles:

Now for the important thing I haven’t seen stated yet: New starter planets on the frontier and a gradual phase out of the original starter planets. Most players never colonize outside of their starting area, even when offered free bases. So the outer regions will never grow into true hubs if they don’t have starter planets.


You’re right - isolated hubs like Hubur and Arclight won’t grow unless they are linked to hubs closer to the core. I’ve been working on developing the area around zk-602b (halfway between Hubur & Verdant) as a hub for Hubur to trade with.

I also made a starter planet suggestion that might help drive new players to different starting areas:

A lot of the travel problems related to the outer systems is that all ftl travel has to follow a specific planet chain to reach a destination. If there were options for a ship to bypass a number of stops on this chain it woud make more remote planets accessible, this could be tied to the ftl engine where more powerful engines allow the skipping of 1 or 2 planets in the chain which would validate their need for longer charging cycles when they do stop and make the advanced engines more desirable.


Adding from a discussion from discord. Giving engines max parsec jumps and opening up jumps from any system to any other would significantly cut down time on going out further. APP/DEP could be slowed down some to keep short jump times similar to how they are now. I looked at MOR → HUB i think it was 160 parsecs currently vs 72 parsecs straight there.

yes please rename the systems, right now the map naming is confusing on finding out what is next to what.

Planet Etherwind (KW-688c) has great potential to be an universal trade hub because of its proximity to other main hubs. There are already many different currencies are being used in the planet. I would say a commodity exchange in here would be a very good start for such ideas and benefit everyone either way.


I agree with the general sentiments:

  • Make outer rim exploration more viable (larger quantities of rarer resources?)
  • Make the “spokes” communicate with each other a little more.
  • Make sector/sytem naming more intuitive

One additional observation: “hyperspace lanes” should always connect to the closest systems. It makes no sense when a system which is closer cannot be reached, but a system which is farther can.

Something else which might make outer rim settlement more viable: include more resources per planet, with common, high-demand resources (like H2O) being available more often, even if only in trace amounts.

This would open up the option of creating distant settlements with fewer permits, but still have incentive to specialize once the ball gets rolling


Something else for further down the line might be to have star cluster links which take significantly longer to travel down compared to in-sector links. This would give something that’d be far better for FTL drives to be differentiated on. So you can have an FTL drive that’s specialized in long distance travel for use in trading, and one that’s specialized in short distance travel to specialize in local logistics.

Maybe the inter-sector links can be used to jump between any star in both sectors, so long distance trading is less intensive on fuel costs for specialized ships and to make exploration more interesting once that actually gets into the game.

A thought on specilized FTL engines and the unversal map, not just for this universe but for later as well.
It could be interesting to either adapt or create a specialized FTL engine that is capable of system to system travel outside of jump routes but can only jump to a planet with an installed beacon. It would be unable to use normal Ftl routes.

This could be tied to a planetary project that builds the beacon needed for the operation of the drive to that planet. The primary function of the drive would be establish a link to new sectors as they are discovered in the PrUn universe.

This would require an associated explorer ship either faction or player built to install the first beacon in the new sector but from that point we have a new sector base and a virtual reset in the area as that secor would be completly unexplored.

You then have the need for explorer ships to map jump routes and planets of the new sector. As the jump ship ferries in supplies to build the sector FTL bridge so normal ships can then ferried in the supplies needed for the sector hub (to initize the first cx, ship yard and starter planet in the area).

I like the idea of the further the planet is from the core the more materials are listed. Towards the core nobody cares about noting the low amounts but out in the rim these become important and even something with a very low yied can provide needed elements for a rim hub.
It keeps the rim as a harder place to inhabit but with enough effort all the needed materials for an internal economy can be found.