Change the order of selection for a new user joining

It is not uncommon for a new player to do something like “Select profession → Victualler” and then “Select world → Vallis” and then try setting up RIGs (why aren’t they producing enough water) and some FRMs (this is so slow!). When asked in chat, the suggestion is to either COLIQ or radically transform the base into something else.

The suggestion is to reverse the order of selection when starting a new player base. Instead of Profession and then Planet, do Planet and then Profession.

If a player selects Vallis, the suggestion of Metallurgist followed by Constructor and Manufacturer should be the only ones that can be picked. If a player picks Verdant, then only Victualler and Carbon Farmer would be available for initial profession selection.

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My take on this is that new players don’t know anything about the planets, so making them choose a planet as the first thing they do would not be an improvement.

When I was new, I read all about the professions and chose the one I wanted most, but when it came to the planet choice, I basically chose randomly. If the planet choice had come first, and then locked out the profession I actually wanted, I would have been confused.

I think you have raised a good point though. There should be some mechanism that prevents new players from making a bad first planet choice. My suggestion would be that depending on the profession chosen, the planet list is then in recommended order. So if the player picked Metallurgist, Vallis is near the top. If they picked Victualler then it’s near the bottom, possibly in a red colour, or with some warning message showing when they select it that says “This planet does not have adequate resources for the selected profession.”

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This doesn’t follow very well, as most people pick a profession that appeals to them and have absolutely no clue what the planet details mean for that profession. So it would be more appropriate to increase the ‘Useful’ information on a planet’s sutability for the selected profession.

For example I initially picked Metallurgy on Phobos which has Iron so is obviously a suitable planet. It wasn’t till I got into the game that it became clear that just having Iron present wasn’t sufficient to support the profession. The amount of Iron was too low as were the supporting resources.

On the planet selection screen a ranking of suitable professions would be more helpful for the brand new players. It would also help to have a larger selection of starting planets so we can move away from everyone that picks the same profession starting on the same planet.

What if… you had two columns. All the professions in one column, all the starter worlds in the other.

Professions Worlds Faction
Manufacturing Montem NEO
Metallurgist Vallis NEO
Victualler Verdant NEO (outer)
Carbon Farmer Promitor IC
Constructor Proxion CIS
Fuel Engineer Gibson CIS
Katoa CIS
Deimos AIC
Phobos AIC

(I know this isn’t a full list of the starter planets, but it gives an idea).

If you select Verdant first, then Carbon Farmer and Victualler would turn green and the others would turn red.

If you selected Victualler first, then Verdant and Promitor would turn green, Proxion would be yellow and the other starter worlds with low fertility would be red, and those that were not fertile at all would be unable to be selected.

At the bottom of the selector, if you really did click Carbon Farmer and Phobos a message would be at the bottom “this combination of profession and starter is not recommended. Planets that have low fertility or water resources are much more difficult to make into a profitable start.”

The goal would be to have it so that if you said “I want to start in NEO and these are the worlds” and then trying to match a profession to them. Likewise, if you selected a profession first, you would see the good planets to start from and could select one of them.

Having people select Victualler and then Vallis leads to a few days of frustration and a much worse starting expereince than if they had selected Promitor, Verdant, or Proxion (it would be an ok start, just a bit rough with the scarce water, but Etherwind is nearby and the price of water in the CX isn’t bad).


Think there needs to be more of a scale other then good, okay, bad and unavailable but I like the idea.