Change Font Size

Is there a way to change the font size? I’d like to make it a bit bigger but leave the graphics the same.

Is this on mobile or desktop?

Also, what graphics? :sweat_smile:

Also, if you increase the font size without increasing the size of the other elements, then a lot of things will probably end up mis-aligned.

Also, no, there’s no in-game option to change the font size, but it is possible if you’re playing via a browser and are prepared to play with CSS styles yourself.

Windows font scaling is the best approach for this. I set the scaling to 200% I think? For my 2560x1440 displays. I think people use 300-400% for their 4k screens depending on factors. You might need even more on a very small laptop display.

Way more effective doing it that way than program-by-program.

This being said - hold CTRL and scroll up and down. That increases the text scaling of that particular website and it remembers so it’s a permanent change. It seems to work on APEX well enough.