Catfiz Origins

Throwback Speech for Catfiz first Campaign for Promitor Governance, archived for rememberance.

Spaceradio is now playing the recap of the latest speech for anyone, that missed it.

Hello Promitor. Slomes here.
Now that first election is through,
we are also seamlessly transitioning into the beginning of 2nd term elections,
which will last for 2 weeks.
I am happy to announce that Candidate Catfiz,
who opted out of the 1st election in favour of making way for PeterTaylorFX media campaign,
which was aimed at allowing people to get insight into how the GOV system works,
will now be running again.

Now you might ask yourself: “Catfiz? Who might that be?”
That is a fair question.
Given full creative rights as Campaign Manager I am allowed to tell you his story.
Please take a seat and gather around…

Sits down in armchair, puts on glasses, and flips open the synthetic casing of his PDA

Catfiz was born on Boucher,
growing up in the planets farming sector under strict reign of the local corporation,
where he was forced into labour as a child worker.
Day in and out he plowed the fields, laying low,
while learning everything he could about the trade with hopes of getting out of this hell.
Many perished, but he persisted through sheer willpower.
Eventually, as he grew older, he was relocated into the spaceship port for on- and offloading,
Biding his time until one fateful day, he managed to sneak onto a ship,
and leave the planet for good.

This ship was headed for the progressive Planet Promitor where slavery was banned,
and he managed to get an entry position in a farming company.
Doing well given his past experiences and pristine work attitude,
he quickly rose through the ranks, eventually parting with the company,
and starting up his own business, Catfish Inc.

But as his company grew and he established himself as a fair and ethical businessman,
his past decided to catch up, as his slavers took root on Promitor.
He saw their representatives running for office,
and fearing a second Boucher he decided to stand up, and protect his new home.
He actually overtook them in votes on his first run,
before opting out in favour of the current Governor.

Catfiz is no politician, he is but a humble businessman.
Starting at the bottom, now a young and successful CEO, willing to make a change.
He is not of the old guard of uber wealthy CEOs, he is one of you.
He knows your plights, as he walks the same path, standing right next to you.
He also knows that profiting at the expense of others is wrong,
and will keep taxes at a minimum. As a member of Quinten Essentials,
a successful corporation with stellar reputation where the sun never sets,
he has full backing in his endeavours for a better tomorrow.
Why vote for politicians when you don’t know their views or agenda?
Vote Catfiz, and let us prosper together.


Stabs Slomes
I was joking!

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cool story though! Can’t wait for the movie :smiley:

Oh, and the “Catfiz Returns”


As with all origin stories of millionaires this one is false. You can tell that because it calls Promitor “progressive”


That’s great and all but are you going to lower the taxes??

Which taxes?
What Planet even xD