Cannot create second base

I am trying to create a new base on Deimos…there are available plots showing and I have the materials to create a core module but after I select a random plot, the create base option does not light up.
Strangely, my base permits show 2/2 but I only have one base already. Help!

If you used your second starting base permit to increase the size of your first base, then you will need to obtain more base permits before you can create a second base. Or downsize your first one. You can get more base permits by upgrading your HQ.

If you’re not sure whether you upgraded your first base, then check its size/area. If it’s at 500 then it’s the original (1 base permit used). If it’s at 750 then you’ve used 2 base permits for that base.

Thanks for the reply! It’s seems I accidentally expanded my first base. I will downsize and wait for another free plot to appear on Deimos.