Bundled goods in shipping contracts

Would it be possible to allow us to bundle multiple types of goods into one shipping contract? I was thinking that the “commodity” and “amount” fields in the shipping contract window could be replaced by the drag-and-drop control used for base inventory and ship cargo holds. This would make the creation of shipping ads cheaper and quicker, it would reduce LM clutter, and it would make calculating prices easier.



I know that this would put a strain on the materials price tracking as goods move through space, but it’s worth an investigation.


I just wanted to reply to boost this back up to the top, and tag it with #feature-request .

Bundling items into a single shipping container, and enabling the “naming” of shipments would drastically improve the lives of both the person posting an ad and the person accepting, and would open up avenues in the game for new roles.

I believe that if coupled with a new feature for shippers to be able to post their own routes and cargo space up for bid, the freight role (and thus ship specialization) could become more involved.

Right now, I want to start a new base, but can’t bother at the moment with trying to free up logistical bandwidth. I’d love to hire someone to continuously ship consumables and inputs in for a time period, but having to post 10 or more separate contracts for what is really just a single pick-up and drop-off seems too redundant.