Building my first freighter - ship engine efficiency

So I’d like to build my first freighter for hauls between highly-populated planets/hubs.
I’ve played around with the blueprints and ended up with the following 2:


The main difference are the engines/reactors. I do not know which ones to take.
If you compare them in a test flight from Benten to Moria station, the bigger ones are only slightly faster while requiring way more fuel:


I assume the larger ones are more expensive…so why prefer them over the more fuel-efficient ones?
Any other suggestions on my blueprints?


The ship engines need a rebalance. There is no practical difference between the reactors. Most everyone goes for the same standard engines. QCR\RCT are pretty equal. QCR is ever so slightly faster, I personally have it in all of my ships.

And then I believe FSE is basically universal, though I’m not sure if anyone is making GEN anymore. Maybe only for STL-only glass ships.

Thanks for clearing this up for me :slight_smile:

A couple times in the help channel additional replaceable ship parts such as thermal plates have came up. Those parts need to be repaired alongside hull plates and can add significant costs to repairs without much benefit.

Ship parts such as the STS and Drone Hubs don’t need to be repaired and are one time costs (except for the added volume/weight when calculating fuel consumption). Under the right circumstances, those can be worthwhile unlike some other additions.

In addition to these factors, I would encourage players to compare the effect of parts side-by-side.

While all 3 examples have fairly close results between Ben & Mor, some costly additions can increase a ship’s cost or repair costs without much benefit (or any at all) depending upon the trip undertaken.

I believe the cost to value ratio of some ship parts has been brought to the dev’s attention on multiple occasions by multiple players. Until some parts are revaluated and/or changed, I would recommend comparing each part individually.

QCR is only faster if you use low fuel, RCT is always faster when fuel is at 100%

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If you play with different routes, you’ll find one engine a little quicker at multiple short jumps (QCR)

Update: finally managed to build that freighter (had tp upgrade my base because I wanted to build some parts myself).
I want with the quick charge FTL reactor and the fuel saving engine: