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When clicking on the Inventory of a planet (I have nothing there) it shows as an illegal command:


Thanks! We recently changed the format of the inventory command, it should look more like INVP xyz, but since you have nothing there yet, there shouldn’t be a inventory link at all. I will fix this for the next test!


I think the “view base” buffer should start a little wider so that the buttons look alike, rather than the sections button being cut off + the construct section button being stretched over multiple lines

Before (window body width: 450px)

After (window body width: 520px)


Another suggestion is to have a “Quick access” section on the sidebar

This could be an area where people save commands or screens for quick access rather than having to go through an extensive screen list or remember the command in a new buffer:

Excuse the quick/rubbish photoshop, but it portrays the idea


The ship inventory screen could show the holds in a more user friendly manner, i.e. using tabs instead of arrows

Arrows showing different inventories

Mockup showing tabs for the different holds


For your “quick access” suggestion, you can actually have multiple screens set up. I have one for production, one for financial and one for fleets/trading.


Yeah totally, my suggestion though is more about if you then get to having a few of those screens, I can imagine it becoming a large list

Having a quick access to the main few that you use (Financial, social, base overview) would be useful


well, I’m only up to 4 so the list under the SCRNS button at the top seems sufficient… for now.


Fixed, will be available in the next test!

I fixed that, thanks! Will be available in the next test.

As I said, dev resources are rare at the moment, so I’ll made a ticket to decide this at a later stage.

Same as above :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestions! Much appreciated!


Clicking a buffer in the list opens it. Clicking again should close it again imho.



Close it or minimize it again?


Sorry, minimize!

Bluh. 20 Characters. There we go.


Another thing: Orders with missing input block other orders that could be executed. Maybe those should just jump to the top, past the one with the missing input, and get processed immediately.



That would open a can of worms and make the queue indeterministic. Anyone who depends on a certain order to be finished that - for example - uses some of the same resources the one that’s blocked would need, could run into serious production issues. An option to manual move orders up and down the queue might be an option at some point, but for now you can just cancel the blocked order and re-queue it.


Yeah, I thought about that as well. Maybe allow for players to configure that behavior? As in, toggle “Auto-jump to top” on or off. In the (far) future, of course. :smile: Just wanted to bring the issue to light so it lands in the backlog.


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I receive notification e-mails although I am logged in.


This is intended. Notifications are send after a while if they have not been seen in the game. The reason for this is, that you could be logged in a device but forgot about it and you are not around.

Notifications are send pretty fast at the moment, but settings tile to configure this behavior will be available soon.


Also note that - as stated in the alpha test notes - this feature is very much work in progress. The latest, so far not deployed version already has alert specific notifications intervals. Right now, a notification is sent for every unseen alert after exactly one minute, which is obviously a bit crude :slight_smile:


Bug (?) Despite an offer a NaN is shown
About an hour ago I offered DW (Consumables, Drinking Water) at the ComX on Hortus, Promitor. Still the list of offers states that there is no offer (NaN) at the price I offered DW.