Bugs and Improvements


@Skolind Thanks for your feedback! The starting profiles are in no way meant to be permanent. If you feel like you can’t make money in the field of farming, try something else. I am pretty confident that farmers will be quite important later on. Right now, due to the lack of available steel, the populations grow rather slowly, resulting in a low demand of agricultural goods. This will change eventually, when the bases grow.


there is a mismatch between the queue screen and the production lines screen. see the attached picture


Thanks, will open an issue in the bug tracker


But maybe constructers built a self-sufficient base till then.


since we now have two threads for improvements/suggestions, could we maybe re-arrange threads and posts to keep it organized? I figure, it will help you, the devs, too, if there are not too many double postings.

and here an idea, that I haven’t really reflected on yet, but wanted to share anyhow:
new players usually do not read the forums and do not know what is actually needed on the markets. could we help them by having an indication on the “found your enterprise” page?

I imagine it like this: every active player has a buffer where he can select one commodity or one group of commodities he currently has the hardest time obtaining. he can update it at any time. the results of this “poll” would be displayed anonymously on mentioned page, so a player who is just about to found his new enterprise/pick is profile has an indication of what might be a good market to have some early success.

while I am writing this, I come to realize, that this information would become less and less signifcant the older the game world (as markets should balance themselves), but could help get a new server started. also, it would provide you, the devs, with an easy tool to monitor the shift of demand early on, at least during the test, where testers are more likely to actually help with gathering information for you.


small detail: please make the “user list”-sidebar in a chat buffer scrollable, as well.


I figured this thread for reporting bugs and improvements made to the game.

Why would someone mess this up with mixing it with ideas and suggestions, which aren’t related to the actual build of the game?


This topic is for bugs and improvements of the current running version of the game. The Suggestions and Ideas topic is for everything else. If it gets mixed up too much I will rearrange the posts.


I like the idea of showing new players what commodities are in demand when they found their company. But instead of the system you suggest I’d rather get that information from the market. If I need something I cannot get at the moment I issue an order. If others do the same there are enough un-matched orders to give a hint, that there is a demand at the moment.


since the amount of available currency is very limited, I feel like quite often, people are not putting up orders for things they need but rather wait for sell-offers. this might give a false picture. my idea, however, is dependent on current input and voluntary updates by players… not the best solution, either, I’m afraid.

and appolizies, if I mis-posted. kinda used to only using this thread from last tests.


Well, there wasn’t another thread and everything was mixed up and posted here.
That’s why i started organizing things with creating the other topic.


The MLS takes less time than the SLS to build. It should be the other way around if you are using more resources to build something bigger it should take more time.


Thanks, will change that for the next test.


there is an 1 hour and 3 min diffrence


If i set a short destination from Vallis to 596a and reduce the fuel usage to a minimum it says not enough fuel.



That’s a bit of a weird edge case that has not been fixed yet. Below a certain amount of spent fuel, the spaceship gets not fast enough to catch up with the destination planet. The error message is misleading in that case. I will create an issue for that in the bug tracker. Thanks!


I just have to say that I think it is awesome, that this can even be a problem…


this is what happens when we get ego friendly spaceships


In the Farm Order menu the Soy at the top needs to be moved down to the bottom with the other products that do not need Water. Currently the Soy is flipped.



Just discovered a small bug. The orders shouldn’t scroll independently of their structures, correct? Also notice how the queued orders are cut off on the right side when all of it DOES scroll together.