Bugs and Improvements

How would Bastion-a (XG-326a) sort in comparison with Bastion - Frost (XG-326d)?

Would YI-715a be in a different part of the sort than Verdant?

Identifiers should be sorted so that planets in the same system are adjacent to each other. The sort order for planets within a system isn’t quite as important (though it still needs to be reasonable - able to be reasoned about) so if Bastion - Titan sorts after Bastion - Frost (because T is after F) or if it sorts before Frost (because XG-326b is before XG-326d) - either way is fine … as long as it is consistent.

What wouldn’t be ok is if Bastion-a is in one part of the sort tree and Frost is in another because then you’d still need to find the places in in system hauler from Titan can go to.

If you spot ‘Frost’ in the list, Titan and Bastion a (and Bastion c - I don’t have a base there yet) should be in proximity to each other.

The most stable sort order for all of this is by system identifier under the covers and is thus probably the best option.

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Sorting alphabetically in general is good thing.
But I’d like to have the option to rename them (visible just for myself and the sake of sorting) or letting us add a few letter prefix.

There is no inventory selection in the COGC

Would it be possible to display more data intervals on the chart? 180d is nice, 720d would be even nicer :eyes:.

p.s I think the intra-day period (and 24hr) are mostly useless. There rarely is any data displayed on them. Also, it should default to 180d (or the highest timeframe) when the buffer opens. Not the smallest.


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In this case the retention rate is not working. the round robin is not working. several people have 800 sci bases. my newest base change was 265d ago. this was happening before that as well with eng.