Bugs and Improvements

The notification which tells you an order is unable to be canceled from CXOS because there is insufficient inventory space broke during the last update.

The notification that states consumable supplies is running low should tell me what consumable is running low.

“RAT supplies at GC-645 - Vault are running low”


Another post\request!

Can we get the maximum order quantity raised. Some markets, like SF or PE, are cheap enough that at-scale players can pretty easily have more than 100,000 units of each.


Can we get an update on the flight route search?
At present if you search an unnamed planet you have to type in the full name and hope you didn’t mis-click the letter, Bases are listed seperately and you can’t reach them until part way through the system name, warehouses are even harder as there is no scroll on the search at all.
It would be useful if planets with bases or warehouses that match the search query were highlighted, saving a lot of fuel and time on misdirected flights.

It seems like CXPC isn’t updating\drawing the candlestick chart.

Reloading APEX causes the chart to fix itself:

Please add a filter or sorting feature to the CONTS buffer. Scrolling through hundreds of contracts and opening the sidebar are both unnecessary work-arounds to a simple filtering system. It should be possible considering CXOS already has something similar, but for fulfilled CX orders instead of p2p contracts.

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Hi, I just started the game and I encountered something that people in help chat mentioned might be a bug.
I started playing in the evening and built my first base, setup orders etc.
In the morning I got notification about contracts (new screen + tutorial) which included a contract to build a new base (which I have already built)
So now I am stuck with a contract that cannot be fullfilled:

Please let me know if I should post any further information.

Thanks for the report! This is something we will have to look into. For now, the unfulfilled contract is no problem, as it has no deadline and no negative impact for your company, except maybe the missing reward. I’ll contact you in-game.

I am unsure if the post is a direct reply, so i push the link into it aswell.
I’m referring to this: Bugs and Improvements - #1023 by Krokiet

I have the same issue. Also i think that you can get faction contracts, which were shown to me by a friend, and i havn’t gotten any of them. I don’t know, if I have to fullfill this contract, or if I have to do other stuff to get those…

Would be nice to know :slight_smile:

Can you please check again? I just deployed a patch that should fix this issue.

thx molp, the contract is now fullfilled and i have gotten the reward.
now i’m curious if i get those faction contracts :wink:

Hi, I can also confirm that the contract has been completed! Thanks!

You should get the first faction contracts within one or two days

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jeah got them. But on another way: I have found at the bottom of the faction window a little button which enables faction contracts!