Bugs and Improvements


WIth @molp and myself back in the office, we are working on a fix and hope to have it ready later today or tomorrow. We didn’t want to do anything drastic on the week-end but we rebooted the cluster this morning which seems to have resolved the issue for now. A proper fix is still in the works, though.

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Can’t log in.

Guys, I have a problem, when evere I log in into Account and want to open Apex console, there is some pop-up that want’s me to log in with username and password. Yet anything I try (the one for Prosperou Universe accounts) is not working.

Can anyone help? :slight_smile:


We are resetting the game world. It should be available within the next hour.


It’s done! You can log in as usual now. Hope you enjoy the new world. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Using the Commands MU nav and MU cx, while giving you the starmap will not let you use their special features. You have to type in the command(s) in all capital letters for it to work properly.

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Thanks for reporting! We already added that to our issue tracker.


Hello Guys,

I’ve got a problem with the produciton tab. I can click on it but nothing happens and when I try to move the buffer away it’s stuck on my pointer. I hope somebody can help me



Usually these kinds of errors go away if you refresh the website. Have you tried that?


Yes I tried it but it comes again when I click on the production tab

Edit: It’s especially the rig wich bugs the buffer. When I tried to access the production lines over the side panel, the rig is the one where nothing happens. At overview the same


There seems to be erroneous orders in the rig’s production line. I cannot delete the orders or the rig without a code change at the moment.

Did you just start the company? Would resetting your company (COLIQ command) be an option for you?

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Can we have a confirmation on the Demolish button please? Apparently demolish destroys the building and the resources used to create it, and I did not expect to not get anything back from that operation. So now, I’m out a building, and the inventory needed to re-build it.

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Yep, a second confirmation for demolishing buildings (and other unusual or possibly detrimental actions) is on our immediate roadmap.

Hope your company recovers. :crossed_fingers:


Can I suggest along with that at least a partial resource recovery as well? I’d have to assume at least some of the buildings construction material could be recovered or recycled into usable material :slight_smile:

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That’s been brought up a couple of times before, and I 100% agree personally, but it’s not yet certain what exactly is going to be done about it and when. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, I’ve been playing since 17 January 2019, and have several ideas about improvements:

  1. MM prices are great help at the begining (right after reset), but later on they become obstacle to regular economic development, like low MM Ask price of DW at 63 is rendering DW production infeasible with water prices above 43, and lower water prices disourage RIG building…
    So my idea is to introduce gradual fading mechanism, where ater some initial time (e.g. two weeks) the MM prices start to slowly diverge. I mean Ask prices slowly rise, and Bid prices slowly descend, to allow for more free market mechanisms to play.
  2. There is serious imbalance in Luxury good for Pioneers. On one hand it is relatively easy and cheap to make OVE (I am producing this right now), and sell price which many players are willing to pay allows for quite a profit (I am easily selling for 300 ICA), but on the other hand making COF is very hard and looks very expensive, as builing HYF is much biger investment than WPL, and cost to produce COF substantially exceeds potenncial gain from COF to may players, so scope for profit is very small.
    My idea is to either improve COF receipt yield (from 3 to 7 or 8 COF from one production cycle), or to lower consumption rate for Pioners from 1 per 100 Pioneers per day, to 0.4 COf per 100 per day.
  3. There is also imblance between RAT production and DW production in favor of RAT, which makes DW production not feasible for substacnial range of H2O prices, while Agriculture production and RAT production stay fairly feasible.
    My idea is to retract part of a receipt change done between Alph 6 and Alpha 7, allowing for 10 DW to be made from 10 H2O instead of present 7. Also with 10-fold difference in weight and volume between 1 H2O and 1 DW it will be little less unrealistic.
    I hope these ideas will prove helpfull to make this Great game even better :slight_smile:
    [sorry for my spelling]

Thanks a lot for your feedback, @HumAnt!

There has been some discussion about market makers and their adverse impact on the market recently, and it was suggested that they can only be traded with for x days after company creation. I see the problem, and I like your solution.

That being said, it’s not up to me, but I made sure to give @dbltnk a heads up, so he considers all three things in the next balancing update. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks a lot @Mjeno for the nice reply :slight_smile:

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There is nowhere you can click on the apex interface to go back to the home page or forums.
Links you click don’t open in new tabs like they do in every other browser game when they really should

Weights are off on manufactured goods

Hi Jejune,
I totally agree with your first comment. I tried several times to get from APEX to the game home page, and coudn’t.
However, as for the opening a link, you just need to Ctrl+click it, and it opens in a new browser tab.


game could use more lists:
list of planets in X system with basic stats
list of sites on X planet with some stats (owner, founded, area, primary industry and etc)

one of the company stats could show how active it is, which could be simply 5 out of 10 factories working = 50% activity, 10/10 = 100%

another important thing: progress bar for experts, showing how much time left for gaining next expert