Bugs and Improvements


That is correct. What Mjeno describes is still in the feature backlist, e.g. not implemented. Every production building is “consuming” workforce, even if currently not in use.


Ah, I see. Thanks! Is there a public roadmap of future features?


We have a public and very coarse roadmap on the website but it’s best to follow our weekly devlogs for more specific information.


and fun reading. I really do enjoy the logs.
(just don’t tell Mjeno)


Possible new bug with the updated COLIQ system.
I had COLIQ’d before the new cooldown was added, but only setup a new company a couple of days ago.

I’ve spent the time looking at planets, markets, and researching what to do this time, but I did not do any trading, or set down a base.

While looking around, I thought I would take a peek at the new COLIQ buffer, but I get a continuous loading screen. I left it a day while continuing my research, but it’s still the same (checked on different computers too)

I have now dropped a base down to see if that changed anything, but nope, still perpetual loading screen.

So I’m thinking

  1. An issue with my account b/c COLIQing before the new COLIQ cooldown and starting again after.
  2. The cooldown is in effect, but not displaying a message to let people know.
  3. or one of 1000 other things that can happen in code, b/c the debugging gremlins do like to mess with developers

Anyway, here’s a screenshot



Oh dear. Thanks for reporting this bug, I’m sure @molp will figure it out quickly. :slightly_smiling_face: We’ll let you know if we need more info and of course when the problem is resolved. Hang in there!


Fwiw, I have this too and it’s been about 3 weeks since my last COLIQ. I’ve heard a few others mention it a day or two ago - some were experiencing it while for others the normal coliq window loaded just fine (including one person who was currently on the new cooldown).


According to https://handbook.apex.prosperousuniverse.com/wiki/building-costs/ , MCG is only required for rocky planets. MCG is not required for gaseous planets.

In game, when attempting to found a colony on a gaseous planet, MCG is listed as a construction requirement.



The COLIQ issue should be resolved now. Can you please try again @PeterTaylorTX?


Hey @molp
I can confirm that it is now working normally.


I believe I have a bug in my APEX. The Pioneer satisfaction is 22%. It says they are missing basic rations. But I have 25 basic rations in stock.


There seems to be a new bug, first seen yesterday evening.
After finishing a production, the finished items are not transfered to the inventory, but rather keep on blocking a production slot, telling when it had finished (e.g. “2 hours ago”). It seems, that it continous as normal, as soon as there is some interaction, like a trade at the commodity exchange.

Talked to a friend earlier today and he has the same problem. Another player replied in the chat that he recently had this problem, too.

Just in case:
Windowos 10
Firefox 65.0.1



Sorry to post again regarding the same topic, but I just want to add that this is a serious problem for me (and most likely for others, too). I have to permanently check the production and put in an order (or maybe do some other interaction, haven’t found out this) just to get the finished products be delivered to the inventory and to continue with the production. Otherwise my production would come to a complete stop.


Have the same problem as crest.



Thanks for all the bug reports! We will look into it as soon as possible! Unfortunately these bugs tend to occur on busy weekends only :confused:


Same with me. Don’t know if this helps the developers, but you can easily check on my account for more information.
The production finishes as soon as I place or delete an order.


Hello to all! I suffer the same problems mentioned here since about Friday evening, production slots are still occupied by already finished production items. I have found out now, that by deleting one item in any production line all occupied slots are emptied and the finished goods are added to my inventory, the production starts anew with the next items on the line.
However, during my off-hours here especially at night no such action is really possible, and in the morning most production slots are clogged with finished goods again.


Good point, @Dalaimoc!
So it seems that ANY interaction gets the ball rolling again. A change in the production queue is indeed faster done than to create and delete an order every time.


Same bug with me… Production halt on 100%, new products not moved to inventory and next production are waiting in ques.


Hang in there, guys! Sorry about the inconvenience. :persevere: