Bug report: Governor of Two, Master of One

Dear Developers:

I believe that I have discovered a bug. I am currently governor at Elon (QJ-650c). I was able to run programs and change taxes without a problem. I recently built the administrative center for QJ-382a, ran for office in the first election, and now I am governor of two planets. This would be a great thing, except that the interface will not allow me to run programs on the latter planet. It tells me that I need a PRO account (I already have a subscription). Plus, now it will not allow me to run for reelection on Elon.


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Once your governorship at Elon ends you will be able to run programs at QJ-382a. Also, at that time you will be able to run for governor at Elon or elsewhere. Overlap of two governorships such as what happened here is possible (though you can’t perform governor tasks until the first governorship ends). You just can’t run in a new election while there is an active overlap.

That being said, the developers are reworking the politics system and it was also mentioned that they intend to get rid of the 1 governorship at a time limitation. So this quirk will be eliminated.


:point_up: exactly right.