Bug: inconsistent used area shown in different screens

I found a discrepancy between what is reported as used space in my bases overview screen (BS) and the individual screen for that base (BS d44c5bcf). The overview screen has the incorrect value. It’s reporting Promitor as only 25 used when in fact the correct developed value shows as 417. It’s correct for my other two bases.

If this is something that you’d like to investigate before I change anything, please let me know. I’m about to expand that base capacity and that could end up hiding the issue.

I ran into this issue a while back, but it was difficult to reproduce consistently. In particular I found that switching screens would cause the Bases Overview buffer to go wrong. i.e.:

  • Open the game browser window
  • Open the Base Overview buffer - the numbers are correct
  • Switch the game to a different SCRN view
  • The “Used Area” number in the Base Overview buffer changes to the wrong value.

However, I also found that doing a full refresh (Ctrl-F5) seemed to fix the problem, so I thought it was just some weird caching glitch and didn’t investigate further.

It’s probably still some weird caching glitch, but may be difficult to trigger deliberately.

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Thanks for reporting this issue, I created a ticket for it.

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