Bse sell cost

Why does a BSE have such a close sales limit to what players sell for? This limits players, it’s not clear why. It’s not like the builders earned any serious money from this. Yes, there is a second recipe, things are not much better there. I would like to note that the profit is indicated based on my production efficiency of 158%. Maybe it’s worth raising the selling price by faction above 1550?

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I’ve had the same question for a while. I would trade BSE, but there’s no point, because there is generally just about one price- the market maker’s price.

My guess is that since BSE is in high demand by beginner players, the devs don’t want the price to go up too much, and become unaffordable. Beginners complain enough as it is about the slow start to the game. Letting BSE skyrocket would just make that worse.

try producing your own AL FE and LST. your coat basis will be a fraction of that

Well, at this point it would probably be reasonable to just sell AL FE and LST instead of wasting resources and time on a recipe that earns you next to nothing

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