Boucher Infrastructure Grant

This will form the public record of finances for the Boucher Infrastructure Grant.

Unfortunately our big launch is marred by some ADM malfunction, and we are not able to direct the tax revenue to BIG. I have already been in touch with the manufacturer, and it turns out we are still under warranty. They have assured me a tech, someone by the name of “molp”?, will be out to try and see what’s wrong this week.

The CoGC did start a new upkeep phase, however, and so I personally loaned BIG 50,000 ICA as start-up operating funds. Fulfilling the upkeep cost a bit under 20k, so this loan should (hopefully) suffice until the ADM is repaired.

In general, I will try to buy RAT, DW, and MCG locally on the LM, and haul in PE. I have sold a stockpile of PE I brought for the CoGC to BIG, using the lowest offer price on Prom.



Oops… I never posted this last Sunday. Well, lets do it now.

The ADM is fixed, we had our fixed tax revenue. Not very much, of course. We may be on track to reach 40k for this week, which may be sufficient to fund the Populous Infrastructure upkeeps during the grace period, such as they are.

Note that I’ve updated the report such that the FLOWS are only for the period listed – typically it will track the in-game week Period. This should track the tax revenue & population reports nicely.

I also need to update the Stock On Hand summary, but currently the Grant only holds PE:


Hello Boucherians, and interested parties from the interplanetary community!

This marks our first week with full tax revenue collection, and the take amounted to 44,200. While more than enough for the CoGC, this may be insufficient to upkeep the SST and INF as well.

However, the grace period buff has kept us in great shape. Yesterday’s POPR was very positive, with big increases in Pioneers and Settlers. Some patriotic citizens have seen fit to donate to the SST upkeep, and we will satisfy 2/3rd of the SST this week with no further contribution. This will be a greater fulfillment than last week.

In light of that, I purchased some upkeep materials to start a stockpile for future need (see the Inventory Summary report below), and otherwise held the funds. The CoGC will need funding this coming week, so next week’s report will show some expenses.

Purchased some OFF and SUN for future use. Still have good PE supply as well.

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