Bots Begone and Shipping Contracts - development log #225

Check out this week’s developer log as the team discusses bot problems and solutions as well as the new shipping contracts feature.

You can find the full issue of the development log here: link

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Great to see that you are working on the bot issue. However what was said in this log is that you are going to try to solve the problem by implementing a trading fee. That just means bots will take that into account. I’d still rather write a bot to change, say, ever hour for me to be on top and just accept the fee. Or if the fee is stiff, every few hours. A bot can still be online 24/7 to take advantage of any market changes it’s programmed for.

When there is a bot that tons of people have noticed and reported, why is this player not banned? The entire time I’ve played this game (about a month) the thing that sits worst with me and the dev team is that they keep saying bots are illegal but take no actual action against proven bots. So if you want new player feedback, mine is that you need to deal with this issue because it’s completely changed the way I play this game (I am becoming self-sufficient instead of trading - I’m pretty sure this isn’t what you intend) and also has made think that you don’t care.

Dear Montem,

Thank you for being such an involved player in Prosperous Universe and for your concern. We love hearing that our players care so much about the experience we are creating. In regard to your example for writing a bot that would adjust every hour or every few hours in case of a fee, the argument would then become if they are an actual player or not since every player would have a fair advantage to also do the same. We do have a segment of players that are very devoted to playing as much as possible.

Second, we want to ensure you that we care very much about the issue and are looking for a long-term solution that does not take away from the overall player experience. As you might have guessed, there is no way to prove with 100% certainty that a player is in fact a bot. We want to find a solution that uses game design to make automated actions less attractive and not punish devoted players. We also want to reiterate that using bots is illegal in Prosperous Universe and we will take action to eliminate this type of unfair behavior. We ask for your patience and once again thank you for being a dedicated and caring fan. See you in APEX!

There was a recording taken that 99.9% proves it. Unless the person in question is absolutely insane. That person still plays, although it looks like they have toned it down again to avoid being banned, so maybe they were ‘talked to’ again. Still doesn’t remove the gains they made WHILE botting, but whatever.