Books that fit the theme

I was looking at the "Great Scifi and Space Shows / Channels thread and thought one for books would be nice as well.

I’ll start it off with an obvious one, CJ Cherry’s Alliance/Union books like Merchanter’s Luck, Downbelow Station, etc.
Though, maybe more Cyteen, than those, when I think about it. More the big business/politics side of things…

If you haven’t read them, Nathan Lowell’s Solar Clipper books are really enjoyable as well. They spend more time with the ships in space than I think we will, but still good to get the mind going along the interstellar shipping/trading/etc. lines of thought.

I could go on for hours, but I just wanted to get the ball rolling.


Oh, great idea! :smile: Just extended my Amazon wishlist.

I gotta admit I’m not as much of a connoisseur of classic sci-fi as I’d like to be. I’ve quite enjoyed the more recent The Expanse book series and I think it’s something Prosperous Universe draws some inspiration from. Also, not strictly hard sci-fi and not strictly a book, but the Ghost in the Shell manga (movies and TV series) paints a pretty compelling and somewhat bleak picture of a not-so-distant future. I’d say those two are my current favorite sci-fi-ish franchises.

Let’s keep this train rolling! Anybody else got some suggestions? We need to do some writing soon, and what better way to get inspired than by the books our players already love! :writing_hand:

Found this ancient tread and want to share my suggestions.

Stan Kinley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy (Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars)

Charles Stross’ Acceleranto (

And the 3 Eve Online Novels (

And for people who likes to try new stuff:

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I got hooked on a book series called Expeditionary Force by Craig Alanson.

Not sure if it will win any awards for best writing; but certainly kept me entertained in the car (audiobooks) for many a commute to work.

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