BMF + BMS + SP Component availability thread

Happy Tuesday everyone!

As many people know, I am currently baking BWS and BMF in an ELP and will be selling these electronics components on the market starting June 13th (tomorrow!). I am able to produce 1 BMF and 16 BWS every 10 days which will result in the approximate time table listed below. I wanted to start this thread for two reasons. First, we can add any new producers of CoGC related components to the thread, should they arise (BWS, BMF, or SP). Secondly, we can order planets by approximate size to help paint a forecast of when a planet could be able to buy the COGC components so they might plan to raise taxes to get to that goal earlier rather than later. Montem/Promitor are the most populated planets (by far) and so they have highest priority, all other planets listed by total pioneer population.

Montem      6/13/2022   In production by rain - reserved for planet
Promitor    6/23/2022   In production by rain - reserved for planet
Vallis      7/3/2022  
Katoa       7/13/2022  
Phobos      7/23/2022  
Proxion     8/2/2022  
Umbra       8/12/2022  
Gibson      8/22/2022  
Deimos      9/1/2022  

CoGC Cost Breakdown:

I’m a bit obsessed with inflation/deflation and so it is very difficult to give a price for how much a CoGC costs as an absolute number. I anchor prices around the T1 Bfab market in Moria and adjust them accordingly. While planning out what it takes to build out the electronics I did a lot of guesswork as to costs, hidden costs, and so on. It isn’t as simple making BSE or LBH. There are a lot of buildings involved that only run part time. There are a lot of recipes that produce large quantities of outputs even if you only use 1 of those outputs. There is a need for 3 r-fab based buildings (SCA, MCA, and ELP) which are extremely expensive and often sit idle due to the ELP bottleneck. The complexity and micro-management of these components required significant amounts of planning (spreadsheets galore) and capital investment (well over 1.5 million invested 6 weeks ago without any revenue generated since then to cover any costs). In order to grow competitively, I targeted a long term growth that would be above the growth of a basic T1 building like an EXT, COL, SME, or PP1. I asked myself the question, “Why would I bother with all this work if it doesn’t get me further ahead than just spamming BSE?”

My target compensation for 1 BMF and 16 BWS ended up being “about 1.7 full bases worth of bfabs and MCG.” I created a T1 base index awhile ago that would be an index that tracks the cost of the average T1 base (500/500 area). It is represented by BBH*98.1 + BDE*58.1 + BSE*174.42 + BTA*12.29 + MCG*2000. So when I say I’m targeting 1.7 full bases worth of bfabs, I’d be willing to trade 1 BMF + 16 BWS for 167 BBHs, 99 BDEs, 296 BSEs, 21 BTAs, and 3400 MCG. If you want an even simpler metric to estimate the price of BMF+BWS, you could probably estimate that the price of 1 BMF + 16 BWS is 720 BSEs. The average price for BSE.NC1 right now is 1201, so the estimated price for the electronics components today is 864,720 NCC.

Estimated Total Cost of CoGC (June 12, 2021 NC1 prices):
32 SP: 128k NCC (Currently available from MM in any currency)
32 LBH: 58k NCC
16 LDE: 64k NCC
24 LSE: 115k NCC
32 LTA: 74k NCC
16 BWS + 1 BMF: 864k NCC

Total: 1,303k NCC

Currency conversions will be taken into consideration for non-Moria dwellers, but overall it makes the most sense to price in NCC and apply a conversion rate to that number for payments of ICA, CIS, and AIC based on some agreement at that time (All currencies fluctuate so rapidly it is impossible to predict what might be a fair rate in the future).

Solar Panels are currently not available to be purchased directly from players, though I’ve heard players mention they are interested in building SPs and would ask them to chime in here with availability and pricing. We are expecting SP MM to be removed this month, so it is really important to buy your SPs now if you are hoping to get a CoGC online soon!




I will be producing SPs at some point. Did anyone want to buy some at under the MM price?

I’m in the chain with an FS. If someone can produce AU, I am more than happy to provide BGO, HCC, etc.

For the SP side of things, I’ve been itching to make BRO, let me know if anyone needs some.