Blacklist Players

I would like the devs to add a blacklist for LM ads. There 2 reasons why I think this should be done. I also think players should be able to import other players’ blacklists.

  1. I want to post P ads to not hurt new players, but I want to lower the risk.

  2. Being able to import other players blacklists lets players import known “pirates”.

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What about a slightly different approach —

What if the grade scale is A B C P D E F ?

Thus you can allow a “P” without allowing “D” through “F”.

Said a different way, what if “P” wasn’t considered worse than “F”? Would that help address your concern?

But there are pirates with a B. I am going to get into shipping and my cargo is valuable.

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That points to a different problem. I’ll shut up and let the Devs respond.

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We had some discussion about this in Katoa chat that people thought it might be useful to share here:


I want to revive this topic in light of the current piracy going on across major CX’s related to shipping. An “A” reliability player has staged a large theft of shipping contracts across PrUn. Obviously, in a few days his rating will plummet - but my point of discussion is that for the time being, since that player is “A” rated, no one can prevent them from accepting contracts.

At minimum, I am now forced to remove “auto-provision” from my shipping contracts so long as this player’s rating has not yet dropped.

Obviously, this is something we are allowing to be possible in the game, and I suppose a cutthroat mentality of contract law is fine for the game in my opinion - but my issue is that without a blacklist I have no ability to post LM shipping contracts until the contract rating system takes effect and properly rates this player for what they are.