Being a Governor - Feedback

I have been governor on Laplace c (FO-705 c) for 2 terms, currently in my 3rd and looking like i get the 4th as well.

First I tried it under the QWNE Umbrella approach, a corp with only governors. This did not work out well and everybody got stressed.
I went ahead a made a single company corp to funnel all taxes into my balance.

Since taking governorship my activity has shifted to either produce the POPI upkeep materials or to source them from other players, which requires money.
So making money to get POPI, which requires me to raise taxes.
The initial issues with populations impacted the planet pretty big.
Like life support dropping fast due to thousands of unemployed pioneers and settlers, while at the same time technicians died.
Engineers and scientist did not show up, their happiness even went negative (-41% for engineers) which still impacted the latest POPR. Next POPR will be free of that burden.
The change of how open jobs and unemployment impact population growth was well-received, but I wonder if it’s the correct approach?
The change basically means that you can lure population to the planet with open jobs, maybe even keep them with just basic needs provided (Has anyone actually tested this?), while it has almost no impact if you provide the infrastructure. It seems its not possible to grow a workforce on a planet without placing production facilities.
These production facilities, on a planet that has no population will just collect dust and not produce anything before the population is growing. This is happening on Laplace C with the current engineer only buildings.
Thuan and I also had to find out that the reserve pool takes priority over existing bases.
The first engineer that showed up with report #23 was sent to the reserve pool instead of one of our bases to work.
@molp seems to have changed that after we reported it.
Report #24 had 3 more engineers and suddenly Thuan and I both had 2 engineers each.

So far that’s what happened from my point of view. Let me now go into detail about the different mechanics and what I think should/need to change.

Accounting: Give governors more information to make educated decisions.
Tax revenue based on Industry for example.
POPI consumables are currently a guess game because not all information is either available or kept.
For example the information on the LR screen under population is only for the current report. If I want to know what the contribution of each POPI was in the report before, I can’t know. The information is gone.
Taxes: As governor I can only set taxes per expertise area. Almost all expertise areas (except Fuel refining) are spread across all population tiers. Please let us adjust taxes per expertise and population tier!
POPI: Why is changing the active level of the infrastructure only updated with the next report and not when its actually changed? Taxes are immediately updated, why is the active POPI level bound to the timing of report generation? This again makes POPI difficult to work with, because after changing the active level, to see any kind of effect the governor has to wait another week.
Same issue with consumable contribution if a change is made, it effectively takes two weeks to see an effect.
Workforce reserve: Please let governors set the workforce reserve for each population tier separately!
A developing planet maybe wants 10% pioneer reserve but every new settler that shows up should directly be put to work. Any new company coming to the planet, wanting settlers, would have to wait for the weekly report to get workers assigned. Since the workforce reserve information is on the LR screen it’s not even hidden information. The player just needs to know what it means, it means he gets workers on the weekly report, so the smart play would be to build his production buildings just before that. (On that note, can we get the timestamp POPR is generated? The info is sent to the client anyway, just needs to be put into the UI somewhere)

Thanks for reading.


I have had more or less the same experience on Prism. I pumped a ton of resources into Population infrastructure to try to help grow technicians on the planet, in the hopes that it would attract more high tech industry to the planet.

There is around 10% unemployment of techs on Prism, which amounts to around 100 technicians. The happiness continues to fall even though this is barely enough for 1 person to set up a few tech buildings on the planet. Fortunately the tech population is still growing despite the falling happiness, due to education of the relatively larger pioneer and settler population.

At this point I do not see the point to continuing to supply upkeep for population infrastructure. I already invested many times the amount of taxes that were collected into feeding the upkeep for realistically no benefit. The actual happiness seems irrelevant, the main statistics that must be increased to grow a population are:


  • Open Jobs
  • Large Pioneer/Settler populations to be educated


  • Open Jobs
  • A large technician population to be educated


  • Open Jobs
  • A large Engineer population :rofl: to be educated

I feel like the current popi is balanced around PIOs and SETs but TECH+ are completly out of wack…

The cost to upkeep and grow tech vs what they can bring in in terms of taxes is huh… questionable

I feel like more modular taxes would help with the problem. If we could taxe by pop level + by type, it could help promote growth of cheaper industry while taxing the expensive one

Also, I feel like we need to be able to set higher taxes on faction planets :slight_smile: 120 doesnt seem to cut it

We were told the POPI upkeep requirements would be reduced. Why not now?

This is an old post but the government system has still many issues and has to be updated.

Agree. It would be great if governors receive a detailed financial report on the amount of taxes generated by branch and by population tier. Also on revenues generated by the local market fees and by the warehouse fees. Essentially one would have a number for every possible income source. This will help with adjusting tax levels.

An other big issue is that the tax revenues are redistributed evenly among all the corporation members and the governor does not retain control over this money. Therefore many governors just create a single company corporation. It would be better to have for each planet a sort of savings account. The taxes would all go into this account. The governor would have access to this account, and would be able to transfer part or all of the money there into his own wallet (for instance to get reimbursed for POPI and COGC upkeep), and also to redisribute part or all of the money as dividends to his/her corp-mates. Money could be also left on the account and then it would be transfered to the next period (week). All the members of the governing corporation should also get reports once per period on how much money was generated by taxes and what the governor did with it (leave on the account, transfer to his wallet, redistribute as dividends).

Sorry, but I think this is off topic. My comment was about missing game features, not about balancing a particular recipe.

How balanced or how realistic are the recipes is a separate question. I have no opinion on SOI, although it is indeed used to upkeep the wildlife park.One could also increase the availability of some raw materials instead of changing the recipes. Or change the amounts needed for the upkeep.

You’re right. deleted