Be a Part of Pear's Next Video: Talkin about Endgame!

Howdy CEO’s.
I got a few videos on the ye’ ol’ pipeline, but i’d like to hear people’s takes on the endgame and what this game could be. I’m sure all have thoughts. So here’s what i’m looking for:

A: A endgame structure, or building that endgame corporations can sink their teeth into,
B: An endgame “state” that corporations and endgame players end up in.

*Disclaimer: if you do write or discuss something here, I will probably use it in the video. If you would like to not have your name, or idea shared in the video, please explicitly state so.

I’ll start:
I know i’ve already discussed warpgates and their implications within the game. So i’ll leave that one be (anyone can talk about warpgates here, i just won’t cause I already did).

But I think it would be interesting to have an ecological factor playing in the game… Where you have emission makers, and emission consumers. If a planet gets too polluted, the workers efficiency goes down due to bad air quality. But having an industry in itself that negates that, opens up the door to what I consider to be the first sorta… “building that makes profit without producing anything.”

It could be interesting if you owned a reforestation complex, a CO2 scrubber, or any other type of building that lends itself to the rehabilitation of a planet after pollution.

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Player driven and operated CX (limited).

Multiple Projects interlinked with each other that in the end allow a CX in orbit of a planet.

Requirements for a limited CX:
A Space Elevator and Warehouse need to be present on the planet.

Limited CX allows for a curated amount of Order Books.
Orders placed require storage space, either a base or a warehouse.
The CX can be upgraded multiple times but not higher than the Space Elevator or Warehouse (depending which is lower of the two). Each upgrade allows more active Order Books.

Space Elevator allows transport of goods between orbit and surface.
Ships in orbit are able to unload to base or warehouse for a fee.
It requires a Spacedock and a ground base - for simplicity the cost for these are combined in the project and upgrade costs.

Space Elevator and CX require upkeep of different materials to ensure smooth operation.

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This is something I have already written about on the forum. I would like it to be possible to trade fully assembled ships, and also have corporate owned shipyards, which would be corp projects like the HQ. In this way some corporations could specialize into assembling and trading ships. This is detailed in my post:

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