Base expansion

I am a metallurgist, and my base in Montem is almost full. Which galaxies are suitable for metallurgists to establish bases?

I think you should strongly consider Vallis as it is close, has FEO and O available and has a bunch of PP1s there consuming FE

I think you should first get bases on all CXs.

Getting bases on the CX planets should definitely considered, but as Sorceresspiledriver specifically asked for Metallurgy, Vallis came to mind.
@Sorceresspiledriver You don’t have to stick to your starting profession. You might as well branch out into any other industry.

It really all depends on if you’re committed to being a metalurgist solely. I wonder if perhaps you should consider AL production though.

But I don’t know which advanced resources are profitable in the market now. I have been profiting by processing and selling iron and steel for a long time.

Can you tell me where is cx? I did not find it on the map.

Montem, Katoa and Promitor.