Availability of Argon and Tectosilisite has changed

There are a few bugs with planetary data that have have been fixed:

  • Some players pointed out that there is no source of Argon that can be exploited without developing technology that is not based on Argon in some way. So the planet FO-705d now has Argon as a resource.

  • FTL fuel should be a Tier 2 commodity. Up until now no planet could be colonized with T2 technology that has either Helium-3 or Tectosilisite to produce FTL fuel. We reduced the temperature of CR-311d so it is effectively T2.

  • The planets SM-748a and KH-552 have fertile soil, but didn’t have Oxygen and Water, which is required for fertile planets. The resources have been added.

You might need to refresh your console to be able to see the changes.

Happy trading!


KH-552b is the planet.

Great update, and very quick as well. Thanks.

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All I can say is…HURRAY!!!

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