Automatic Termination - Development Log #347

Michi and Nick discuss the Convergence release, and automatic contract termination is now available.

You can find the full issue of the development log here: link

contract condition, one that absolutely has to be unique, was used twice or more times in some rare circumstances.

Wait, there were hash collisions for the contract ID’s? How’s that even possible given the fact that there are random strings used for production lines, inventories, etc? Or more broadly, how was that even possible given the length of the string? A bug in the random number generator? Or did it not check to see if a particular string had been taken?

No, nothing of that significance, it was a programmer error. All the draft’s conditions have random ids. Once a contract is formed from the draft the conditions are copied, but we assign new random ids, to not have duplicate ids in case the draft is used to create multiple contracts. Unfortunately I made a mistake and forgot to create a new id for one type of condition. :frowning: