Attn: AML Owners

If you own an AML (or are thinking about owning an AML), your feedback is requested to this question.

What CXs (that currently exist) or regions of PRUN would you like BER and/or BTS delivered to for your purchase and use?

  • N/A, I don’t use BER or BTS and don’t plan to any time soon.
  • Antares (AI1)
  • Benten (CI1)
  • Hortus (IC1)
  • Moria (NC1)

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I am currently planning expansion efforts and need to figure out which of my extraction colonies will need SSTs along with planning logistics and trying to figure out who to build shipping relationships with.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Two other polls are below for me to best price these goods on the market. I would ideally like to offer a common price for everyone which is agreeable throughout space.

What price range do you believe is fair for BER across all the CXs

  • 280-300
  • 301-320
  • 321-340
  • 341-360+

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What price range do you believe is fair for BTS across all the CXs

  • 320-340
  • 341-360
  • 361-380
  • 381-400+

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I’d say 250 is a fair-ish price for BER when shipped to a CX. 180/u is pretty fair at the tap.

Griffonstone, 1 hop from from your BTS tap, is building up to be a AML hub.
I think there is more competition from other BER suppliers

My issue is that shipping from Verdant to Antares is going to make anything (BER or otherwise) sent along that route expensive. Of the 18,200 you would get in difference between pickup on the planet and the CX shipped rate, something like 9,000 of that is consumed in fuel and opportunity cost just to get to ANT. If you have nothing to take back with you, you lose the other 9,000 on the way back.

Gotta profit on your ship time (which is why I’m conducting this poll and subsequent discussion, I need to figure out what’s viable and fair), and this is the main reason why I haven’t moved another shipment of BER to Antares. Not one unit has sold on the CX since I dropped it off there and I know I’ve seen LM contracts to buy BER when I troll around some of the other planetary markets.

I know that you’re producing BER close to ANT and I’m not wanting to directly compete with you in that area for precisely this reason. I just want to figure out roughly what the middle-ground price should be around the jumps off Moria (Benten and Hortus). In theory they should be between what you would sell at the CX and what I would sell at the CX which is looking like 280.

I guess corps are still doing this kind of thing internally, even though this universe it pays for one maxed base/one player to pull a resource rather than tens of 1 EXT bases. People will learn.

U can demo CM for free… there is nearly no real cost to shoving up EXT on a RSS planet for 2-3 weeks and taking everything down…

What does “RSS” planet mean? Resource Specialization or something?

EXT planet, should probs be RE really :stuck_out_tongue: