Arclight system naming contest OF-259 Gallus Win

Part of the CX contest’s rewards is 3 planet names and two system names. Due to the number of corporations and players competing, I’ve taken a list of planet and system names submitted by Arclight project members.

These planets and system names will be voted on by players to choose a appropriate name.

HM-049 b
  • Cornucopia
  • Silicon Valley
  • Growmentior
  • Glass Valley
  • Gallus
  • New Etherwind

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Due to the numbers of submissions for HM-049b the top three will be chosen for another round of voting due to the amount of suggestions, unless there is a clear choice.

Some members have submitted reasoning for the name choice.

[FOWL] Astos | ASFA
Gallus is Scots for Daring, and I think that is just what settling this planet is. It may not be the most Fertile agri planet, and it may not have the most H2O or O either, but it has certainly got heart

[MKM] Gravy | GC
HM-049b would match Cornucopia nicely. An inexhaustible store of consumables, SIO for GL, C and O for metallurgy

As a addition: further planets and systems that needed to be named:

OF-259 d

Gateway b



If you have contributed to the project and want to submit a name message me or submit a name below.

My suggestion for OF-259d was Jura, which fits even better if HM-049b becomes Gallus.

Jura is a Scottish Isle, famous for it’s whisky. But it’s also a play on the brand name “Duracell” batteries, as OF-259d is the perfect place to make Power Cells (LIO → [LI , HAL] → POW).


Jura is also a coffeemaker brand I think

Looks like RMwinner16 named the planet Poseidon, so I’ll repurpose this POLL to be the system name instead, as there are many good suggestions.

RMWinner16 also named the system.