AR concentrations

After examining the FIO AR concentrations are low, extremely low, so much that 1000/unit wouldn’t be too much, and this would lock out a lot of low temp planets. The INS recipe is already expensive requiring technicians, and a LAB, and you don’t get a lot of INS out of the recipe.

I’m wondering if maybe a recipe to extract AR from N or O using a REF maybe the solution to the low AR concentrations.

Thanks for reporting this, we are looking into it!

Yeah, buffing the Ref would be superb.

Argon is now available on these planets:


The same problem existed with HAL, so these are the planets with HAL



There seems to be the same problem with TS, a starter “mineral” for FF, which is important to have because without a Tier 1 FF planet, given the massively increased distances, trade will be slow.

Also money will go into the MM void.