Apothecary's Future - Update Post

Hello everyone,

This post will sum up the future of what I want to achieve with the planet in the next few months (probably until reset tbh)

Apothecary is one of the few chemistry based planet in the universe, and holds one of the biggest tech base (if not the biggest?). This, on top of its decent placement to ressources taps makes it excellent for AML based production (BER can be found only 4 jumps away, ZIR is mostly from CT-443b, BOS is 2 jumps away and the only T2 TAI is 5 jumps away)

In terms of goals, I am currently looking at a few tangible ones:

  1. Reduce Pioneers and Settlers unemployment down to 5-10%

This will need to be achieved either by having them leave, or by getting them employed (duh). I have been initially considering getting them to leave by reducing our happiness level, but that would also mean a reduction in growth of our tech and engineers (I think) due to them being capped.

I feel like the second option now becomes very viable. The reason is simple: Tons of new players in the past week. There is currently 8k pio/set unemployed, and it would take around 2 months to get rid of them, on top of the time needed to get back up to a decent average happiness. Therefor, I think attracting the newbro to apoth is where we will get our unemployement problem “fixed”

  1. Stabilize Tech and Engineers

Tech is almost stabilize, however, I still expect a few hundred new jobs every now and than. (I will eventually need another 100, and I am sure a few others do too). Both of these goals are getting going. Tech should be done within 2 or 3 weeks, engineers look like around 3 months currently. Hopefully we can get the migration up during the next few week (I think 30 per week is doable)

  1. POPI Upgrades

SST 4 > 8 - Goal is to be able to only feed it 1 consus to keep it stable
EMC - I am not quite sure this will be worth it with current inputs price…
INF 4 > 8 - Same as SST
WCE 0 > 1 - Will be done later to help stabilize Settlers and Techs
PAR 1 > 3 - Same as SST but with 2 consus
ART - Will see if needed, want to keep it fed only on UTS (unless someone wants to produce the other stuff for cheap!)

  1. WAR

So this is a question for you all. How much WAR do we actually need? The biggest factor for me is the number of units one can rent, so either level 3 (2 units each) or 5 (3 units each) sound optimal.

I see only 3 types of people needing STOs here
Shippers who cant deliver
Someone who wants to ship in his CM
Extra space for locals

Therefor, I think you guys will be the main users and I would love your input!

EDIT: Forgot this last part

With the shipping update coming, I will be getting ships going to seed O/H/GRN/H2O locally, anything else that could be interesting as an import? I will still rely on locals to do HAL and C in decent quantity.

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Hey, so like I mentioned, I think it might be a good idea to try to get some Education building. The Devs insisted that Education plays a huge role in level-ups, but I am not sure if we have any data? Anyone knows a planet with running education buildings? Anyway, University upkeep looks quite expensive, but maybe Library would be doable? DIS and maybe even CD and BID should be quite doable, it seems to be just 5, 5 and 3 per week. And like you said, Apothecary is the prime spot for AML!

Regarding other topics:

  1. yeah, getting newbs to run EXTs, INCs and even CHPs and POLs would be the better option, ditching low needs would likely kill any tech+ growth
  2. WAR - it looks like it is not used all that much, I would not stress about it. I would really not go past lvl 3

yea the university I want, just problem is current A-fabs prices are just crazy, and can’t quite yet justify spending all my production on it. Probably will look into getting it around mid-end january if prices recover (or the PP4 pop does :stuck_out_tongue: )

The upkeep is simple enough, CD is cheap and I have some IDC stacked!